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Multiple People Injured In Shooting At California High School
Authorities say the suspected gunman at the school in Santa Clarita is still at large and "approximately 5 victims" were being treated for injuries.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 11:36:00 -0500)

Artisanal Vapers? For Some, The Habit's About Much More Than Quitting Tobacco
Vaping has produced a diverse community of aficionados with all sorts of subspecialties. One vape-juice "mixologist" sells her recipes for as much as $1,500, while custom-made devices go for $3,000.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 11:04:00 -0500)

El Paso Walmart Reopens After Shooting
The Walmart in El Paso where 22 people were killed is reopening Thursday. The community is split whether the building should have been reopened or torn down.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 05:02:00 -0500)

Civil Servants Facing 'Deep, Dark Conspiracy Theories' In Trump Era
Trump's whistleblower has been branded a member of the so-called "deep state" by conservative media. It's a type of attack that has become common in the Trump era.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 05:02:00 -0500)

Stephen Miller And White Nationalism
The Southern Poverty Law Center says emails show Stephen Miller promoted white nationalist theories.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 05:02:00 -0500)

A Legacy Of Torture Is Preventing Trials At Guantánamo
The CIA's use of torture after the Sept. 11 attacks has led to years of legal battles at the U.S. military court in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where 40 accused terrorists are still being held.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 05:02:00 -0500)

Juvenile Justice Groups Say Felony Murder Charges Harm Children, Young Adults
In most states, a person who commits a property crime can face a felony murder charge if it results in someone being killed, even unintentionally. Juvenile justice advocates say the law is unfair.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 05:00:21 -0500)

Federal Appeals Court Allows Congress To Subpoena Trump Tax Returns
The full D.C. Circuit voted 8-3 not to reconsider an earlier decision by a three-judge panel that ruled against the president. Trump's lawyer says he will appeal to the Supreme Court.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 03:20:00 -0500)

NTSB Says Coast Guard Ignored Duck Boat Safety Recommendations
The National Transportation Safety Board says it has issued almost two dozen safety recommendations in the past 20 years and not all have been implemented.
(Thu, 14 Nov 2019 01:05:00 -0500)

Independent Probe Of Virginia Beach Shooting Leaves Many Unanswered Questions
Investigators found that the mass shooter was socially isolated and had some personal problems, but found no clear warning signs ahead of the attack.
(Wed, 13 Nov 2019 21:51:52 -0500)

In Washington, D.C., Local Bars Host Impeachment Hearing Watch Parties
In Washington, D.C., all eyes are on the impeachment hearings — including at local bars, where daytime drink specials and watch parties abound.
(Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:51:00 -0500)

What Voters Think Of The Impeachment Inquiry So Far
As the House's public impeachment hearings start Wednesday, voters' reactions are all over the map. Some say the hearings are vital, others see a social media-driven partisan quest.
(Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:22:00 -0500)

Celebrities, Lawmakers Call For Halt Of Rodney Reed's Scheduled Execution In Texas
Celebrities and others are rallying behind a Texas man scheduled for execution next week. They contend new evidence exonerates him and points to another man in the killing of a woman both knew.
(Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:22:00 -0500)

House Oversight Committee Democrats To Examine Regulation Of Abortion Providers
The hearing on Thursday will use Missouri — where the last remaining clinic that provides abortion could close over a dispute with health regulators — as a case study.
(Wed, 13 Nov 2019 15:35:55 -0500)

Colin Kaepernick Is Getting An NFL Workout. Skeptics Question League's Timing
The private workout, set for Saturday, has raised questions about whether it's a PR stunt or a real opportunity for Kaepernick to return to the NFL, where's he's gone unsigned for nearly three years.
(Wed, 13 Nov 2019 15:10:21 -0500)

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