"How to be successful..." Is relative!

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Thu, 19 Feb 2015 Source: Allan Buah

Do not teach me how to be successful in life or in a field! That is not for you to teach me because every individual is unique. Your spirit or system is very different from my spirit or system, therefore, you have no authority to teach me how to be successful.

Please do not misconstrue my statements, because I am referring to myself in relation to how I want to be successful, which must not be strictly determined by someone's path to success. However, there are common, general or universal ways to success in life or in a field.

But to me, these must work in sync with how I personally want to be successful. Also, I would never follow someone's path to success, but rather create my own path to success in order to make my planned success personally complete!

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Auteur: Allan Buah