Beer Jokes

 Planning for the After-Life
 Beer Troubleshooting
 Cuckoo Clock
 Beer President's Have a Beer
 An Ocean of Beer
 What Your Drink Says About You
 Bet With Caution
 Homer Simpson Quote
 The Beer Prayer
 Beer Warning Labels
 Get The Manager
 The Beer Test
 Drunk Driver?
 Thinking On Your Feet
 Two Men From Scotland
 The Drunk That Won't Leave
 The Oedipus Complex
 How Old Scotch?
 Employee Performance Evaluation
 Drinking Contest
 Toilet paper
 Top Ten Fun Things To Hide In Your Boss' Office
 Female Hormones in Beer?
 The Patch
 Golf - Stung by a Bee
 Drinking for His Brothers
 The Devil
 Can You Spare a Few Dollars?
 Management Quotes
 The Smile Test
 Drunk Driver
 The Blonde and the Ventriloquist
 The Official Drinking Scale - UK Perspective
 The Buffalo Theory of Beer Drinking and Brain Development
 Top 10 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus
 The Homer Simpson Beer Song
 Guiness & The Mouse
 You're Not Getting Older . . .
 Roles in the Christmas Play
 Why don't Cubans take showers?
 Women Talk More Than Men
 Condom Problems
 Pardon Me
 Ken's Letter to Santa
 An Old Beer's Tale
 There's a Fly in My Beer
 The "Beer Me" Diet
 It's gonna fall off!
 Drinker's Alphabet
 Shopping for the Hired Help
 The Top 13 Signs You've Hired The Wrong Magician (Part I)
 Polish Grenade
 Beer Nuts and Deer Nuts
 Levitating Beer
 Santa is NOT a woman
 Why is American Beer Served Cold?
 Beer Research
 the geinie at the bar
 Picture in My Pocket
 Buy Everyone a Round
 Get a Rope
 A Man Walks Into a Bar...
 Musical Humor
 Fly in the Beer
 Alternative Meanings
 Sobriety Test
 More from the space race
 Drunk Test
 Sober - Defined
 Wife Ran Away With Best Friend
 Honeymoon Room
 Your Momma is So Fat - Milk Carton
 Drunk Driving Test
 His v. Hers Directions
 Limerick - Man from Rangoon
 I Stopped Drinking...
 Beer Belly Defined
 Three Little Pigs
 Dodging a Beer
 Fascinate in a Sentence
 Shut up and Trouble
 Pounding Shots
 German Shephard
 One Way Street
 Monica and IBM
 Top Ten Horses Least Likely To Win the Kentucky Derby
 Irish Coffee - The Perfect Breakfast
 Scrooge and Rudolph
 Pick-Up Line - What Sign Were You Born Under?
 How Did the Drunk Break His Leg?
 Walk in a Man's Shoes
 Turd and eyeball
 Lord of the Cakes

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