Blonde Jokes

 Magic Mirror
 Blonde Detective Training
 51 days!!!
 Hot Blonde Driver
 Alligator Hunting
 Wild Horse
 Flight to New York
 Buying a Bull
 It Hurts!
 Blonde Car Crash
 Blonde Painter
 Blonde Astronaut?
 The Blonde Safety Net
 Don't Give a Blonde a Gun
 Blonde Game
 Two Blondes and a Mustang
 At The End of Your Rope?
 Blonde in hayfield
 The Smart Blonde
 A Blonde Weight Problem
 Bottom Deodorant
 You Have Mail
 Blonde Fire!
 Blonde on a Diet
 Where Are We?
 Name the State Capitol
 London Bus
 How Blonde Was She?
 Taking a Final Exam
 Blonde Phone Company Employees
 Blonde Houses
 Blond - Closet
 Throwing the Pin
 Nursery Rhyme
 What do you call a blonde with 1, 2 or 3 brain cells?
 Helicopter Flying Lessons
 Blonde in a Snow Storm
 Trucker and Blonde
 Head and Shoulders
 Driving to Disneyland
 Smart Blondes and UFOs
 orange juice
 Blondes at the River
 Blonde Painter
 Blonde's Coffin
 The Interview
 Blonde Paint
 Blonde Fun
 orange juice
 Blonde's Surgery
 Penny for Thoughts
 What To Do in a Crisis
 Rooster Puzzle
 Inflatable Car
 Blonde's House on Fire
 Blonde Boater
 16 Friends
 Blonde and Headlamp
 Hurts All Over
 orange juice
 M & M Factory
 The Blonde Painter
 Blonde's Big Date
 Blondes and Turtles
 What Do You Call a Blonde with a High IQ?
 Never Send a Blonde to Get Coffee
 Building a House Underwater
 Cold Medicine
 Group of Blondes Rollerskating
 Half a Brain
 Why Do Blondes Have Square Boobs?
 The K-Mart Blonde
 The Wave
 Do As Daddy Says
 Blonde Skeleton
 Buying Supplies
 Blonde in the Fridge
 Ransom Note
 Why Do Blondes Have Blue Eyes?
 It Won't Be Long
 Blonde Parade
 Blonde Milk Bath
 TGIF Shirt
 Blonde Carpenters
 Blonde Paint
 Brain Cells
 Blonde - Freezer
 A.M. Radio
 Why Can't Blondes Dial 911?
 my computer
 Sinking a Submarine Full of Blondes
 Throwing the Pin
 barber crime
 Rowing in the Cornfield
 Don't Walk!!!
 Blonde Mating Call
 Too Much Shampoo
 How to Confuse a Blonde
 An Athlete's Dreams
 Can You Tell Me the Time?
 Bright Eyes
 Blondes Making Popcorn
 Innocent Bystander
 Breast Stroke
 Blondes Fishing
 Pregnant Blonde
 A Blonde Gives Up Men
 Blonde Passenger
 A Bridge in the Desert
 Clever Blonde
 How do you sink a submarine full of blondes?
 Computer User?
 Raking leaves
 Snorting Nutrasweet
 Amusing a Blonde
 Blond's bad day
 Blonde w/ One Brain Cell
 A Miracle
 Lost Blondes
 Open Yogurt Immediately
 The Blonde Nun
 Eating Bananas
 Eyes Closed
 Free Samples
 Why did the blonde climb the glass wall?
 Blonde Passenger
 Japanese IQ
 Blonde Nurse
 Blonde in a Lightning Storm
 Blonde Phone Call
 Making Cookies
 Blonde or Computer?
 Ice Fishing
 Blondes and Grenades
 Blond - Pool
 What is the definition of eternity?
 Chocolate Chip Cookies
 Blonde Ice Hockey
 Blonde - Cliff
 Definition - Intelligent Blonde
 What Do You Call a Blonde Who Dies Her Hair?
 Blonde Throwing a Pin
 Definition of Eternity
 Blonde Staring Into Fridge
 A Blonde's Bedtime
 Aliens and Smart Blondes
 The Beach Blondes and a Genie
 What do you call a blonde with a brain?
 Why did the blonde climb the glass wall?
 Blonde Coffins
 Blonde Snowman
 Blonde Boyfriend?
 Blonde Dies at Drive-In
 How Can You Tell When a Blonde Has Been By Your Computer?
 Blond, Brunette and Gravity
 Blonde vs. Brick
 How The Blonde Broker Her Arm
 Video Rental
 Why did the blonde die while drinking milk?
 Blonde Ligh bulb
 The Camping Trip
 How to Confuse a Blonde
 how to drown a blonde
 The Blonde Coyote
 Blonde Looking for a Date
 Dying Hair
 Why are blonde jokes so short?
 Hunting Owls
 The Blond And The Bad Day
 Blonde Punctuation
 Coffee Breaks
 Blonde's Vibrator
 Pet Zebra
 Blonde Light
 Smart Blonde and Bigfoot
 Empty Beer Bottles
 Why blondes should not take the bus
 Blondes Playing Golf
 Why did the blonde throw breadcrumbs into the toilet?
 Blondes Never Have Ice
 Why did the blonde fail her driving test?
 Confusing A Blonde
 2 Blondes in a Car
 Daffy Goes Fishing
 Eating Pickles
 Blondes and Brunettes
 How do you confuse a blonde?
 Difference Between a Tree and a Blonde
 Smart Blonde
 Who Survives?
 belly button
 I Won!
 A Bottle Of Rum
 The One Month Diaper
 Blonde Pharmacists
 Blondes Making Cookies
 Blonde on a P.C
 Blonde Cheer
 Blonde, Brunette, Repeat
 Who Lands First?
 Blonde Brain Cells
 Blonde Restroom Attendant
 Blonde - Tracks
 Blonde Brain Cells
 Blonde Job Application
 How a Blonde Robs a Bank
 Blonde Inventions
 Donut Seeds
 How to Confuse a Blonde
 Blonde and Psychiatrist
 Blonde - Pool
 What Do You Call a Blonde at a University?
 Tilt Steering
 Blind Policeman
 Blonde Washing Jeans
 Blonde Wins Russian Roulette
 What Gear Were You In?
 How Blondes Kill Birds
 Q: What do you hear when a blonde is going through a blinking red light?
 Why did the blonde wreck her car while driving?
 Playing Solitaire
 Favorite Radio Station
 Blonde Fired from the M&M Factory
 The Blonde Swimmer
 Blonde Polo Player
 Blondie Plays Poker
 Bowling Ball and Blonde
 Emergency Call
 What do you call a blonde who eats a strawberry?
 Where Do Blondes Meet?
 How do you stop a blonde tank driver?
 Blonde Telephone
 Blowing in a Blonde's Ear
 What do you call a fly that flies into a blonde's head?
 Blonde SUV
 Jill and the Special Monkey
 Half a Brain?
 Tropical Fruit

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