Business Jokes

 An Organization is Like a Tree Full of Monkeys
 How to Deal with Telemarketers
 To All Employees - Try Saying . . .
 George Costanza's Tips for Working Hard
 Actual Federal Employee Evaluation Quotes
 Restaurant Efficiency
 Federal Employee Performance Evaluations
 Engineers and Managers
 Selling Life Insurance
 Office Antics
 Dilbert-Like Quotes
 Special High Intensity Training (SHIT)
 Famous Marketing Screw Ups
 Unusual Deductions
 An Organization Is Like a Tree Full of Monkeys
 Serenity Prayer
 Work versus Prison
 The Crowded Store
 How The Rich Get Richer
 12 Tips From Workforce to Managers
 Corporate Travel Policy
 You Need a Gimmick
 Things You Would Love to Say at Work
 Top Ten Reasons to go to Work Naked
 Dear Bank Manager
 Letter to the IRS
 The Differences Between You and Your Boss
 A Mime in the Zoo
 Then What
 Itemizing the Bill
 American Management
 Micro Manager 2000 Memo
 IRS Deduction for Birth Control Pills
 You Work in Corporate America in the 90’s If . . .
 90's Office Lingo
 Post Office Interview
 Executive Envelopes
 I Love My Job
 Upcoming Mergers
 Lazy Employee
 Inspirational Poster Ideas
 Heaven or Hell
 Dressing for an Audit
 Pope v. Your Boss
 First Isn't Always Best
 Do Unto Others . . .
 Performance Appraisal Terms and their Real Meanings
 Top 10 Things to Say When Caught Sleeping at Your Desk
 Jack and Jill
 Job Evaluation
 Expensive Monkeys
 Jack and Jill
 Working at Wal*Mart
 Government Workers
 Honest Job Applicant
 Tax Suggestion
 Clues that Accepting Your New Job Was a Mistake
 How to Make the Right Decisions
 I Sold that UGLY Suit!
 A Parakeet for Christmas
 If 99.9% is Good Enough
 Are You a Prostitute or a Consultant?
 The Shredder
 Slogans that Didn't Catch On
 A Good Agent?
 What Do You Get For Yard Work?
 A Walking Economy
 Shit Happens
 Rejected Motel 6 Advertising Slogans
 Buy Buy Buy!
 Whose Dad is Better?
 Tough Mornings
 New Business Practice
 Signalman Job Interview
 Sick-Time Abuse
 How To Get Out of Work
 Paying Taxes with a Smile
 IRS Scam
 How to Fire an Employee Tactfully
 As They Get Old . . .
 Insufficient Funds Fee
 The Stock Market Report
 Life After Death?
 Unusual Tax Deduction
 No More Excessive Absences
 Job Interview Question
 Give the Frog a Loan
 New Bank Teller
 World's Best Insurance Salesman
 First Day
 The Right Car for the Profession
 A Tried and Trusted Employee
 Friar Florists
 The Family Business
 Rapid Promotions
 What's In a Name?
 How to Lose Weight at Work Without Doing Much
 Always Give 100%
 I Should Have Been a Plastic Surgeon
 Customer Needs Assistance
 The meaning of e=mc2
 Statistician Defined
 Travel Agent Humor
 When is the Best Time to Buy Things?
 Sleepless Accountant
 Suggestion Box
 The 100GigaBurg Bug
 Credit Request
 Smart Dog
 Retirement Plan
 Bad Interview
 Buying Paint
 Top 10 Reasons NOT to Work
 Begging on Wall Street
 Chess Sets in a Pawn Shop
 Job Application
 10 Signs You Should Ask Your Boss For A Raise
 Little Paycheck
 Will Work For Food!
 You Are Late . . .
 Retiring Tire Workers
 Counting on You

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