Christmas Jokes

 Night Before Christmas - Veterans
 Why JESUS is Better Than Santa Claus
 De Ebonics Crimmus Pome
 Fruitcake Recipe
 Twelve Days of Christmas - 90s Style
 Psychological Christmas Songs
 Merger of Christmas and Hanukkah
 What to Give an Optimist and Pessimist
 Twas The Night Before Christmas - Legal Verson
 A Christmas Poem For Mom
 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Santa's Pissed Version
 Deck the Halls - Dysfunctional Family Version
 The 12 Days of Christmas Letter
 No Christmas in Washington D.C.
 Dear Santa
 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Internet Style
 Symbols of Christmas?
 Buying a Christmas Turkey
 Christmas Prayers at Grandmas
 Dear Jesus
 'Twas the Night After Christmas
 Winter Wonderland - Dysfunctional Family Version
 Twas the Night Before Christmas in Brooklyn
 Roses are Redish
 Immaculate Conception
 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Tex Mex Style
 Santa Claus 2000
 Speak Nicely to Santa Claus
 Rudolf the Weatherman
 Top 10 Things To Say about a Christmas Gift You Don't Like
 'Twas The Night Before Christmas - Parent's Version
 The Three Wise Men - With Fire Hats
 Santa's Flight Exam
 Santa's Pick Up Lines
 Is Santa a Woman?
 Day After Christmas
 Santa Visits the Wrong House
 Top 10 Signs Santa Doesn't Like Your Kid
 When Do You Stop Believing in Santa Claus
 Santa Renews His Pilots License
 How to Tell if your Christmas Party is a Success
 Santa Has It Made!
 Hark the Herald Angels Sing - Dysfunctional Family Version
 Organizational Changes at the North Pole
 Firemen in the Nativity Scene
 How to Tell if You're a Grinch
 Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Dysfunctional Family Version
 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Politically Correct?
 Christmas Fruitcake Recipe
 What Nationality is Santa Claus?
 Top 15 Rejected Christmas Movie Titles
 What Did Mrs. Claus Say to Santa Claus?
 Santa Clues
 Christmas Signs in Stores
 Santa's Lap
 Christmas Anagrams
 Why is it Cold at Christmas Time?
 What Does Rudolph Want for Christmas?
 The Christmas Diet?
 What is Clinton's favorite belt buckle?
 Christmas Balls
 Santa's Garden
 The Christmas Trolls
 Uncle Claudie is Coming to Town - Dysfunctional Family Version
 Red, White and Falls Down the Chimney
 Christmess Defined
 The Sleepy Christmas Elf
 Christmas Joke

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