Computer Jokes

 Computer Business
 GM vs. Microsoft
 Adaptation of the Raven
 Things Computers Can Do In The Movies
 The Great Writer
 Computers - Male or Female?
 If Operating Systems were Airlines
 New Computer Viruses
 It's Time to Re-Assess Your Relationship With Your Computer When . . .
 New Computer Viruses
 Top Ten Signs Your Co-Worker is a Hacker
 Husband 1.0 is Malfunctioning
 If Operating Systems were Beers
 South African Windows 98
 Murphy's Laws of Computing
 Bastard Operator From Hell
 Two Humorous Ditties - Microsoft & Honesty (ver 2.0)
 Computer Camp
 Top 26 Things You'll Never Hear An Engineer Say
 Twas the Night Before Y2K
 Home on the Web
 ID Ten T Error
 Remember When . . .
 Microsoft Tech Support Goes to the Military
 Y2K Letter - January 4, 2000
 Crazy Times Virus
 Calling Technical Support
 New Words to Beverly Hillbillys
 Remember When...
 Cyber Relationship Break Up Letter
 Internet Widower
 The Smelly PowerBook
 Caveman Tech Support
 Windows 2000 Release
 New Intel Slogan?
 Two Digits for a Date Song
 When Technology Meets Biology
 Microsoft Works
 Worker Jed
 The New WORK Virus
 Amish Computer Virus
 Wired Messages
 Why Dogs Don't Use Computers
 Two Humorous Ditties- Microsoft & Honesty
 How to Impress a Client
 Bad Day at Technical Support
 Boyfriend 4.0
 The Computer Prayer
 Star Trek - Next Degeneration
 The Reporter
 Computer Sayings
 Y Zero K
 You Thought Y2K Would Be Bad...
 Twas the Night Before Y2K
 What's the Password?
 Programmer Defined
 Math Problems?
 TV v. Computer
 What If the E-mail is Right?
 Microsoft Oxymoron
 Password Problem
 24 Hour Helpline
 Horny Computer Programmer
 Which Way Did He Go?
 Cup holder is not working in my computer
 Mouse Pad
 Microsoft Sentence

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