Education Jokes

 Letter from MIT
 Is Hell Endothermic or Exothermic?
 Children's Books You Will Never See
 Memo To All Students
 Children's Proverbs
 New Theories
 The Thought Process
 Improving the English Language
 College Entrance Exam - College Football Player Edition
 Creative Writing
 Double Positives?
 The Math Proficiency Exam for the City of Los Angeles, CA
 Children's Books You'll Never See
 For Sale . . . School!
 Rules for Writers
 The Stupid Class
 School is Out!
 The Dead Frog
 The Mysteries of the English Language
 The "Other Milk"
 What Is It?
 Top 51 Oxy-Morons
 little johhny
 English Well Talking
 How to Write Your Thesis
 Universal Grade Change Form
 One Tough Teacher
 What Part of Your Body Goes to Heaven First?
 Your Face Might Stay That Way
 City of Los Angeles High Scoohl Math Profiency final Exam
 Teachers = Lovers
 The Superiority of Rabbits over Foxes and Wolves
 If a Dog were your Teacher ...
 Making the Grade
 How To Write a Term Paper.
 We Do NOT Say Damn in School
 Homer's Advice for Kids
 School Pictures
 College Boy
 Discussions with Albert Einstein
 City of Los Angeles High Scoohl Math Profiency final Exam
 Teaching the Circulatory System
 Birds & Bees
 Mom... Send Money
 Teaching a Lesson
 Playing By the Rules
 New Math
 TV as a Parent
 Late to Class
 Violin Practice
 The Things Kids Say
 Fun with Words
 Dad . . . Can You Write in the Dark?
 Philosophy Exam
 Twas the Night Before Finals
 Synonym Defined
 Do Not Interrupt
 Liver and Cheese
 On the Range
 New Math
 2+2 = Play Ball!
 Dad Pays Suprise Visit to College Student
 Top Five Homework Excuses
 The Ten Ebonic Commandments
 Bad Grades
 The Pearly Gates
 The Homework Assignment
 How Many Apples?
 Rules of the Schoolyard
 Pay Attention in School
 Picking the Right Card
 Using the Internet for Homework
 Finding America
 Why are you Late to School?
 Graduation Photo
 The Cannibal School Boy
 Selling School Photos
 Educational Toy
 10 Foot Snake
 Tough Recess
 Remember that $500?
 You Missed School Yesterday
 Little Johnny in Class
 Tough High School
 Cutting Class
 Sea level
 The Lewinsky Chair
 Chapter 11
 Why Are You So Dirty?
 Knowledge Pills
 A's, B's and C's
 Did You Write This?
 Scoring 100
 Is That Because Mama?
 Elf School
 Money Pit
 Funny Sign - Teacher Strikes
 Headline - Graduation Requirements

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