Entertainment Jokes

 An Unusual Shopping Trip
 lt's a Gas
 Highway Patrol
 Name That Duck
 Bagpipe Jokes
 Voices of Advice
 The three Bears
 Coffin Trouble
 Top Ten Least Popular Shows On The Discovery Channel
 An Old Man's Woes
 Starship Enterprise v. Toilet Paper
 Little Red Riding Hood
 The Dancing Duck
 Butt Crack
 Top Ten Ways The Wizard of Oz Would Be Different If It Were Made Today
 George Michael
 Mixing Viagra and Rogaine
 Grape Joke
 Barbie's Friends
 New Pirate Movie
 Poker Fans
 How often does a Smurf bend over?
 Top 10 Signs Your Car Will Be Too Hot This Summer
 Fireman's Son
 I've Gotcha . . . Now I'm Gonna Eat Ya!
 Peer Pressure
 Lady Diana
 John Elway
 The Top 12 Least Scary Stephen King Novels
 The Interruptive Cow
 Robots And Actors
 MJ at the beach
 MJ and Chris Reeves.
 Smart Cop
 Who sleeps?
 Monkee Joke
 World book of records joke

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