Female Jokes

 Men are Like . . .
 Tech Support For Husband 1.0
 Impress Me
 The Farm Boy
 How Men and Women Change the Oil
 Adams Folly
 Seminars For Men
 Adam and Eve
 bigger breasts
 Family Sports?
 The Perfect Day
 MEN . . .
 The Piggy Bank
 Why Are Men Like . . .
 Jack be nimble...
 Women's Four Favorite Animals
 Why a Diet Cola is Better than a Man
 Men v. Toilets
 Staggering Husband
 Medical News Flash
 The difference between men and women
 Top 5 Goals in a Man's Life
 Guardian Angel
 Men are Like Wine
 How to Kill a Man
 The Princess and the Frog
 Men and Batteries
 Why Don't Men Get Mad Cow Disease?
 Batteries v. Men
 black eyes
 No Snow Women?
 Typical Male
 Growing Dope
 A Girl's Prayer

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