Gender Jokes

 English Translations By Gender
 Follow Directions!
 I Bet
 The Differences Between Men and Women
 Pregnancy FAQ
 The wife & the mailman
 The Smarter Sex?
 Boys and Girls
 Fatal Things to Say if Your Wife is Pregnant
 The Bright Side
 The Real Man Test
 Why Men Live So Long
 In Praise of Older Women
 Letter from Men to Women
 The REAL Difference Between the Sexes
 Men Are Made Up Of Useless Things
 Why Helicopters are Better than Women
 Why God Created Eve
 Feeling 18 Again
 What Makes Men and Women Happy
 Why are women like telephones?
 Making A Donation
 Behind Every Great Man . . .
 When Can I Do As I Please?
 The Male Stages of Life
 Making A Donation
 Top Ten Things Not to say to a Cop When You're Pulled Over
 Success for Men Depends on Age
 If a Man Yells in the Forest . . .
 Do Women Talk to Much?
 Definition of Modern Woman
 Men's Emotions
 Comparing Men and Parking Spaces
 Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
 Play Your Age
 Colonel Sanders v. The Rest of the Male Gender
 A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy
 300% Impotent
 Top 10 Politically Correct Statements About Men
 Only in America
 Don't Assume . . .
 Talk Vs. Thought
 How to Shower Like a Woman
 Women's Ears
 The Frogs
 Miss America
 Men are Like . . .
 Two babies lies in the birth section
 Protected Sex
 the man
 Rocks and Women
 Airplanes and Women
 Each Sex has its Acronym
 Yogurt and Men
 Men are Liars
 Too late !

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