Insults Jokes

 Peace on You
 The Christmas Bike
 The Three Dwarfs
 Stuff you should never say to a cop
 How to Produce Ugly Children
 "Gray Hair"
 "The 50th Anniversary"
 Wife is Leaving for Vegas
 Blind Inspector
 Kissing the Stone
 Breaking Up
 You Know Your Ugly When . . .
 Dead Donkey
 Ugly Children
 Your Proctologist Called
 another yo momma
 The Best Way to Insult a Loser
 Monica Lewinsky's Surgery
 What Not To Say in Kansas
 Wonder Panties
 Toilet Paper
 The Police Academy
 If I Were as Ugly as You . . .
 Comeback - You're So Short
 Send It To The City
 Bad Dental Work
 Your Leading a Sad Life When . . .
 You Are So Cheap - Door Bell
 Insult - You're So Stupid
 Irish Queers
 3 little boys
 You Are So Poor - Kicking a Can
 Look! Twins!
 Bottled Water
 Helen Keller
 You are so stupid . . . Socks
 Puberty Insult
 You Might Be a Politician
 Insult - Sister
 Bad Haircut

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