Lawyer Jokes

 Witness Interviews Gone Bad
 Lawyer One-Liners
 Do You Know Me?
 Testimony of a Police Officer
 A Lawyer's Perspective
 Getting a Lawyer to Give to the United Way
 A Kind Lawyer
 Which to Shoot?
 Pretending to be a Lawyer
 Interviewing the Medical Examiner
 Bribing the Judge
 The His Arm Is Not Himself Defense
 I'll Screw Anybody
 4 Surgeons
 Once a Lawyer ... Always a Lawyer
 Your Lawyer is Dead
 Life's Lost Laws
 What Does Your Dad Do?
 Lawyers v. The Bear
 Bad News or Terrible News First
 A Lawyer in King Solomon's Court
 Early Death?
 Lawyer's Death Bed
 Guess Who?
 Lawyers Make Bad Neighbors
 The Devil Visits an Attorney
 Lawyers Visit
 An Honest Lawyer
 The Half-Million Dollar Picture
 Bribing the Judge
 Divorce Proceedings
 A Lawyer's Ethical Dilemma
 Be Careful When Robbing Lawyers
 Bad Juror
 A New Use for Lawyers
 Lawyers v. Sperm
 Where does a chicken go when it loses all of its feathers?
 Farmer's Lawyer
 A Lawyer and an Engineer
 A Lawyer at the Scene
 The Elephant and the Tiger
 You Know it's Cold When . . .
 100 Lawyers in the Sand
 Legal Sushi Bar
 Lawyer Job Interview
 Lawyer in a Plane Crash
 How do you get a Lawyer out of a Tree?
 Not Guilty?
 Rules are Rules
 Crossing a Lawyer With a Pit Bull
 Female Lawyer v. Pitbull
 Helpful Lawyers
 Caught with a Smoking Gun
 How do you stop a Lawyer from Drowning?
 The Piano Player
 Why Are Lawyers Buried Twelve Fet Down?
 Lawyers v. Nuclear Weapons
 Headline - Free Legal Advice
 Jury Duty
 And Lawyer Makes Three

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