Medical Jokes

 The Automated Doctor
 Hospital Charts
 Proctologist at the Bank
 Breast Exam Poem
 Actual Doctor's Notes
 Glossary of Medical Terms
 Psychiatric Hotline
 Doctor Visit
 Poor Old Lady
 True Medical Stories
 Comparing Childhood Surgeries
 Better Both Visit the Doctor
 Going Nuts
 Soiled Linens
 Price Check on Tampax
 Sick Man
 Don't Make a Nurse Angry
 Ode To A Mammogram
 Top 30 Signs You've Joined a Cheap HMO
 Mechanic v. Surgeon
 Your First Time
 Preparing for a Mammogram
 New Healthcare Techniques
 You Know You've Joined A Cheap HMO When . . .
 Hospital Donation Center
 Dyslexic Agnostic Insomniac
 What's Your Diagnosis?
 The Miracle of Nature - Birds and Bees
 Psychiatrist's Problems
 Ten . . . to Live
 Bad Dream?
 New Hospital Policy
 New Drugs for Men
 Stupid Question
 Getting a Third Opinion
 Doctors v. Gun Owners
 The Doctor's Sign
 A Musical Discovery
 Unusual Prescription
 Here's Looking at Ya!
 Saved from Choking
 Specimen Bottle
 Unsual Transplant
 Testing! Testing!
 Doctor's Prescription
 Golf Balls
 PMS v. Mad Cow Disease
 The History of Medicine
 What's Wrong With Me Doctor?
 Headache Cure
 Making Babies
 Take As Directed
 How to Live to be 92?
 CPR Class
 Jamaican Proctologist
 Bottled or Draft
 Viagra & Doan's Pills
 A Visit to the Psychiatrist
 Vegetarian - Defined
 Visit to the Maternity Ward
 Giving Up Half
 Healthy Old Man
 Chronic Laziness
 House Call
 Try Mud Baths
 Medical Emergency on the Golf Course
 Medical News
 Cleaner Polishes Off Patients
 Generic Viagra
 20 Pound Texas Baby
 Gynecologist Painter
 What's a Prostate Problem
 A Trip to the Doctor
 Creative Medical Diagnosis
 Absentminded Doctor to Patient
 Who are the Best Patients?
 Is It Serious?
 Women Get Healthier As They Get Older
 Unusual Therapy
 Getting a Tooth Pulled
 Exit Interview
 Family Matters
 An Unusual Vet
 Medical One-liners
 Gingko Viagra
 House Call or Office Visit
 Bad Couch Trip
 You Are Not Sterile
 Controversial Diagnosis
 Fruity Patient
 Modern Science
 Who is the Father?
 Lung Transplant
 Be an Organ Donor
 Old Gynecologists
 Genealogist v. Gynecologist
 The Joys of PMS
 Strongest Thing in Your Body
 Headline - Kidney Transplant
 Bathtub Seizure
 Diet Problems
 Two Sets of Tonsils?
 Self Help Groups
 Seizure in a Bathtub
 Bad Taste
 Inner Child
 Hot Water or Cold Water
 A Night at the Asylum
 Senior Birth Control
 Doctor . . . I am Turning into a Horse!
 Time To Choose Another Doctor
 Not Quite Ready for Society
 Unusual Patients
 Unusual Dental Visit
 Bad Insomnia
 Morning Sickness
 Mad Cow Disease
 Having Children at 49
 Baby Noises . . . What Do They Mean?
 Outpatient - Defined
 Heart Battle

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