Misc Jokes

 Baked Beans
 George Carlin Quotes
 Never hire a man to do a woman's job
 50 ways to Freak out Your Roommate
 Ways to Annoy Your Public Bathroom Stall-Mate
 50 fun things to do at Wal-Mart
 The Poopie List
 101 Ways to be annoying
 Cat Diary
 Top 20 Things to Do in a Drive-Thru
 21 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator
 The Mathematical and Logical Nuns
 The Young Priest
 Answering Machine Messages
 The Chili Cookoff
 Signs for the Stupid
 Milking Machine
 Never Lie To Your Mother
 12 Things NOT to Say To a Police Officer
 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
 Chinese Ebonics
 Movie Ratings Explained
 Quotes from Bumpy Landings
 Top 16 Things To Do In A Driving Test
 Smart Monkey
 Trouble Getting on the Bus
 It's Tough Being 80
 The Wit and the Wisdom of Homer J. Simpson
  13 Things You Wouldn't Know Without Movies
 Groucho Marx Quotes
 Stupid Product Labels
 How To Bathe A Cat
 Angry Passenger
 Proud Fathers
 Fido Will Find It
 Scared Straight
 Things I Learned from Children
 I Want to Be Silicone
 Telemarketer Game
 U.S. vs. Canada
 Good... Bad... Worse...
 The Humor of Steven Wright
 For Michiganders
 Classified Ads
 First Day of Fifth Grade
 Psychiatrist Voicemail
 Rules of the Sky
 Complaints from Renters
 Tips from Wyatt Earp
 The Pickle Slicer
 Useless (but fun) Facts
 Comparison of World Religions
 Things I've Learned from Children
 Prison vs. Work
 Chain Letters for Men
 Lewinsky and Clinton Limericks
 Watson and Holmes Go Camping
 Super Granny!
 Be Careful What You Wish For
 Raffle Prize
 The LifeSaver Taste Test
 US Air Force Maintenance Complaints
 The Pope
 Freezing to Death
 Selecting a Samurai
 The Lady and the Drunk
 You Might Be an Engineer If . . .
 Chinese Translations
 Painful Flushes
 Random Thoughts
 It's Dark In Here!
 A Cat's Diary
 Then and Now
 Three Labrador Retrievers
 The Gynecologist
 The Van Gogh Family Tree
 The Toddler Diet
 Advertising Jingle
 Vocabulary Lesson
 Dr. Suess's Lost Tongue Twisters
 Thoughts to Ponder
 When Science Goes Bad
 The Radar Trap
 Vegas Taxi Service
 Well Hung-Over
 No Class in First Class
 Optimist v. Pessimist
 Unusual Air Currents
 Adam and Eve
 Nude Sunbather
 Life Observations
 Very Short Books
 This is the Pilot Speaking
 1998 Darwin Awards
 The Magical Frog
 Little Brother and the Keyhole
 White Trash Barbie
 Lion Hunter
 Great Shot!
 First Day in the Nursing Home
 Yugo v. Rolls Royce
 Baseball in Heaven
 Room Service!
 Bran Muffins
 You Might be a Redneck Jedi if . . .
 Software Upgrades can damage your Wealth
 Stop That
 The Bathroom Light
 Bungee Jumping in Mexico
 Write Clearly
 An Encounter with the Butcher
 An Unusual Cuckoo Clock
 Don't Ask . . . Don't Tell . . .
 Five in a Quattro
 Stupid People Stories
 Bumper Stickers
 Two priests
 Only in America . . .
 Matzo Reader
 Man in the Theater
 Viagra and the Housekeeper
 The Bike
 The Height Of All Emotions
 When Statues Come to Life
 Punny Potato Story
 The Brave Captain
 Why the Width of a Horse's Behind is So Important
 The genie
 A Case For The FBI
 Nickel or Dime?
 Not Much Use in a Fight
 Another Use for Viagra
 Sign Mix-Up
 Flight to Frankfurt
 Kids watching parents
 A Cab Driver Goes To Heaven
 Circle Fly
 Army Voice Mail
 Mommy Is Going to Eat Your Fingers
 Sermon Sleeper
 The Town of "My Ass"
 Be Careful When Throwing Stones
 I Need a Drink of Water!
 Inspirational Posters for Real Life
 Green, Pink and Yellow
 New Words
 I'm Not Your Father . . .
 Terrible Truths (and other principles of disaster)
 The Message
 Johnny and the Fat Lady
 No One Slept with Mommy
 You Know You're a Mom When . . .
 Challenging Order
 Stupid Headlines
 The Engineer and Programmer
 Safe Driver Award
 Can My Dog Stay at Your Hotel?
 The Right Tool For the Job
 Studying Abroad
 Dying Wish
 Shaving Ball
 Top Ten Silly Star Trek Things To Do
 A Floral Mix Up
 Mutant Marsupials Take Up Arms Against Australian Air Force
 Hillarious Quotes and Sayings
 Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May . . .
 Words to the Wise
 Buy It Just Because
 Prayer for Senility
 Real Pearls?
 The Death of an Engineer
 The Shark Pool
 The Priest and the Drunk
 The Generous Travel Agent
 Pets In Heaven
 Police Quotes
 Get a Haircut
 The General's Valet
 Boy, Officer & Squirrel
 Who Push???
 Signs You're Showing Way Too Much 90's Mentality
 Which End is Which?
 Comboy Ventriliquist
 Zebra's Trip to Heaven
 10 Great Truths Adults Have Learned About Life
 Quick Trip to the Store
 Clinton and JFK
 The Aggie
 Seeing Eye Dog
 Bloody Bat
 Where Has All The Lipstick Gone?
 The Circle of Life
 Taxpayer Defined
 The Smuggler
 How to Get What You Want
 Mommy Sleeps in Daddy's Room
 The Power of Suggestion
 Fly and Manure
 The frog and the iguana
 Goat Food Critic
 Gravy Ladle
 I'm Doomed
 Can't Find It
 Constipated mathematician
 Rule to Live By
 Choosing a Bra
 A Letter from Camp
 Beware of Dog
 Reply to Anti-FurActivists
 Top 10 Party Games for People Over 60
 Your Ticket Please . . .
 Crying in His Beer
 Diary Of A Mad Viagra Housewife
 Gifts for their Wives
 Day at the Beach
 Taking the Census
 Tainting the Family Tree
 Wish You Were Here
 Dead Fish
 How Will You Pay For This?
 What Time Is It?
 Mistaken Mechanic
 Got Any ID?
 Wheelbarrow Bet
 Things I Learned as a Child
 Flying Turtle
 The Top 13 Signs You've Hired The Wrong Magician (Part II)
 Professor's Joke
 If Someone Annoys You - Don't Strain Yourself
 Drunk 911 Call
 Downfalls to being an Egg
 Message for the Moon
 Redneck divorce
 I Want a Bicycle
 Who is Jack Schitt?
 The Raft
 The Best Prayer?
 The Man from Norway
 Welcome Home Dad!
 Why do fireflies do well in school?
 Stupid Prisoner
 Alien Message Decoded
 What Did He Say?
 Scent of a Woman
 Three Doors
 Hans Olaffsen's Laundry
 The Bus Ride
 Words Websters Left Out
 Bad Dreams
 Forgive me Father...
 An Unusual Costume
 Automobile Acronyms
 Cowboy Attire Explained
 Deep Thoughts Imitations
 Scavenger Hunt
 Family Feud Answers
 Hearing Voices
 How To Write A Recommendation Lettter That You Don't Really Mean
 The Dutch Bike Ride
 First Words
 The Dalai Lama
 Yugo Humor
 The Lone Ranger
 The Wrong Side Of Bed
 Two Atoms
 Would You Do It All Over Again?
 The Ministers Dentures
 Did You Ever . . .
 Things Only a Mom Can Teach
 How Would You Like To Be Remembered?
 State Mottos
 Visit to the Police Station
 HMO Executive
 The Dinner Prayer
 Catching the Last Ferry
 God Plays Golf
 An Elephant Never Forgets
 Penny for Your Thoughts
 The Milkman
 The Procrastinators Creed
 You Killed the Easter Bunny!
 Simple but funny
 Gas Service
 Toy Box
 One For Me . . . One For You
 Two Daddy Long Legs
 Kids Perspective
 What Your Car Says About You
 How Do You Embarrass an Archeologist?
 The Australian Way
 Bathing Technique
 Farm Inventory
 After the honeymoon
 One Kiss Per Yard
 You're Between Baby Boomer and Generation X If . . .
 DMV Anguish
 Great Truths About Life that Little Children Have Learned
 Sole Survivor
 How To Get Old Ladies to Cuss
 Impressions of Mother
 The Ant and the Grasshopper in 1999
 The Taxi Driver and the Rabbi
 Dirty Dishes
 Motherly Advice
 Nothing to Worry About
 What a Rediculous Question
 Top Ten Reasons to Date an Engineer
 The Fucked Up Duck
 The Present
 Pizza Delivery
 Taking the Job Seriously
 Seeing Eye Dog
 Good Luck Frog
 Why Dalmations Ride Fire Engines
 An Old Woman's Wishes
 Bubbles in Bath
 Wrong Numbers!
 California Drivers License
 This is your captain speaking
 Mrs. O'Toole
 Ballroom Please
 People are Like Potatoes
 Father Wouldn't Like It
 More old age problems
 Rejected Hallmark Cards
 Maths Specialist
 A Bad Day
 Soliciting Donations
 An Artist's Luck
 Winning the Lotto
 Card-Playing Dog
 Setting the Table
 Anthropologists Captured By Cannibals
 The Three Bears
 Be Nice to Your Children
 Put Your Tray Table Up
 Crossing a Mule and Onions
 Is it a Boy or Girl Cat?
 New Viruses
 Signs You Have Had Too Much of the 90's
 Your Dog Is on the Roof
 You know you're in Arizona when...
 White Hairs
 Signs You've Chosen a No Frills Airline
 Confessions . . .
 Things to Consider
 Water in the Carburetor
 Rubber Thingy
 Pillsbury Dough Boy Dead at 71
 Cyanide Watermelons
 Two Trees
 Getting Old?
 Frog Applying for a Loan
 Air Sickness
 Last Words
 After the Sarge is Gone
 Interstate Chase
 New Scientific Theories
 Why New Yorkers Are Not Ranchers
 Stories from the Space Race
 Deer Hunting with his Wife
 Food Spoilage Test
 Mrs. Prussy
 I'm Screwed!
 Is Barney the Dinosaur the Devil?
 Greeting Cards that Didn't Make It
 Peanut Butter
 Don't Play With Acid
 Quotes from Famous Mothers
 Getting Old
 No Ears
 Unhappy Hotel Guest
 Weighing In
 Sex Education
 The FBI Orders Pizza
 A nun gets on a bus...
 Sit Down and Shut Up
 Unprepared Highway Crew
 Americans are Getting Stronger
 Points to Ponder
 Dancing Boots
 Order Clearly
 Stuck to the Seat
 What is the difference between a lightbulb and a pregnant woman?
 Three Wishes
 False Teeth
 Procrastinator's Creed
 From Ebonics To Hebonics
 Green, Pink and Yellow
 You Can Buy Them But Not Smoke Them Here
 If Dollar Bills Could Talk
 A Priest, Doctor and Engineer
 Primitive Meal
 Angry at the Heavens
 Good Bad Worse
 King of the Roost
 Made Out Of Bricks
 One Little Pig
 Ostrich in a Bar
 Put On Your Seatbelt...
 The Lonely Frog
 Zen Master's Hot Dog
 Polar Bear at a Bar
 Sign . . . Counter-Sign
 A Mighty Deep Hole
 Running Red Lights
 The Truth and Nothing But the Truth
 What is the Quickest Way?
 Signs You Have Had Enough of the 90's
 What do you call a fly with no wings?
 You Know You're In Texas When . . .
 My Three Cheap Sons
 Did you hear the latest news?
 Don't Mess with the Tower
 Grandpa Takes a Walk
 Emergency Room True Story
 The Musical Octopus
 Dead Lawyer
 Martha Stewart's Christmas Calendar
 Boy or Girl?
 Modern Discipline
 Three New Fathers
 The Train to Mannheim
 Amusing Headlines
 How To Tell Where a Driver is From
 The Juggler
 The Turtle's Flying Lesson
 An Unusual Ticket
 Sometimes Things Aren't Obvious
 Dead Battery
 Signs You Work With a Werewolf
 1960's vs 2000
 Truths About Parenting
 Was It Meant to Be?
 Engineer Jokes
 Do You Live Here?
 Speeding Ticket
 Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road - Explained
 Dog Commandments
 Three Little Pigs
 Don't Play the Piccolo
 Cute Little Fart
 Top 10 Signs You're Being Stalked by Martha Stewart
 Good News and Bad News
 Great Truths About Growing Old
 Mr. Doyle
 Nice Tip!
 Stealing from the Factory
 How to Solve a Problem?
 Camping Hints
 Maxine's Tips for Entertaining
 Was that Latin?
 God Bless mommy.....
 Speech Impediment
 Strange But True Deaths
 List of Oxymorons
 Josh Thinks It Over
 Stress Management Visualization
 Stuck in the Mud
 Fake Lie Detector
 Mickey and Minnie
 Conversation with Winston Churchill
 Glow Worm with no Tail
 Old Friends
 Procrastinator's Calendar
 Things That Take Years to Learn
 The Snail
 A Trip to The Soda Machine
 The Cowboy
 The Fly and the Window
 The Lamp Post
 A Famous Apartment
 Buying Shoes
 Dress for Success
 Selling Car
 The Gorilla Golfer
 Gorilla Removers
 Authors and Titles
 Getting Married?
 Sad Mosquito
 Cover Up
 How do you drive a mime crazy
 What is Helen Keller's Favorite Color?
 What letter in the alphabet is a Pirate's favorite?
 Why do frisbee's get bigger as they get closer?
 See a Psychatrist
 Twas The Night Before Christmas - Parents
 They Are Too Rough
 The English Language
 Maxi Pad and Fart
 A Trip to the Meat Market
 What Did Your Father Say?
 New Baby
 Instructions to the Butler
 Life is Math
 Make a Sound Like a Frog
 Real Musicians
 Good Neighbours
 The Joys of Policework
 A Pile of Wishes
 How to be a Designated Driver
 Hugh Hefner and Heather Locklear go to Heaven
 Playing Blind
 Priest and Carpenter
 Why Too Kay Dictionary
 Two hydrogen atoms.
 Well Known Adages
 Little Sally Talks Too Much
 Cruise Stories
 The Nursing Home
 What is the Best Gift for Mom?
 Always Watch Your Language
 Alamo v. Paul Revere
 War Game Casualties
 Are We Not Communicating?
 Auto Accident Note
 Putting the Kids to Bed
 A Credit Card Nightmare
 The Consequences of Sucking Your Thumb
 The Laws of Life
 Avoid Chain Letters
 How To Tell You're in Southern California
 Tooth Drilled v. Having Baby
 A Father's Thoughts
 Jar of Olives
 The Tapeworm
 Dog Pick-Up Lines - Liver and Cheese?
 Real Mothers
 Two People - One Parachute
 At the Last Minute
 Headphones and a Haircut
 Merger Mania
 The Police
 The Power of TV Advertising
 An Unusual Trip Through the Family Album
 My Best Buddy!
 Woman on the beach
 Bad Bridge Game
 Mating Call
 Where does a bird go when it loses its feathers?
 If Abraham Lincoln Were Alive Today
 Low Bridge
 What NOT to Say in a Bar
 The Most Popular Girl
 Why Did the Siamese Twins Move to London?
 Trouble, Manners and Shut up
 Lesbian Dinosaur
 No Tomatoes
 The Barber
 How to Sing the Blues
 Why Does Daddy Have So Few Hairs on His Head?
 Bad Place to Pee
 Ebonics Ten Commandments
 Be Careful What You Ask For
 Cannibal Logic
 Cannibal Cooking Tips
 Why are there no Wal*Marts in Afghanistan?
 How many telemarketers does it take to fix a light bulb?
 Great Truths About Life that Adults Have Learned
 Hasty Departure
 Burger King
 Quotes from 11 Year-Olds Science Exams
 Pigmy Dinosaur Hunter
 Mary Poppins
 The Family Bible
 Confucius Says - Drive Like Hell
 How Does a Cat Use the VCR?
 Insensitive Greeting Cards
 Top 15 Ways O.J. Can Raise 33.5 Million
 The Helicopter Trip
 The Sofa King
 Engineer Identification Test
 Who Are You?
 Resigning My Adulthood
 Who Are You?
 The Plane Crash
 Your Getting Old When . . .
 Using Lemons?
 Birds wear underwear
 John Wayne Toilet Paper
 Smoke Rings
 Flight Attendant Humor
 Parsley Farmer
 The Top 15 Slogans That Never Quite Caught On
 Getting out of a Speeding Ticket
 Why do you have so many white hairs?
 Hunting Bear
 Who's the Boss?
 Cannibal's Mother-In-Law
 We Don't Serve Beer to Bears
 Chicken Ranch
 Beat Them
 Crossing a Painter and a Cab Driver
 Indian Boy
 The Coffee Prayer
 Where Ya'll From?
 It is a Matter of Perspective
 One-Handed Man
 Safe Distance
 Unique Tie
 Why Do Pilots Wear Ties?
 Mind Your Manners
 Paying Via Your TV
 All Purpose Excuse Form
 Dumb as a Wall!
 How Can You Tell an Old Man in the Dark?
 Caught From Above
 How to be Annoying at a Yard Sale
 Cannibal Eating a Clown
 Mr and Mrs?
 Pony with a Sore Throat
 Maggie's Estate
 Clean Glass
 Gay Termites
 Ineffective Daily Affirmations
 Be Careful What You Wish For
 Lone Ranger
 The Collision
 Why Did the Orange . . .
 Best Book to Have if Shipwrecked
 Traffic Stop
 How to Get Ladies to Cuss
 People from Baltimore
 Son of a Fireman
 Arresting the Judge
 The Talking Dog
 A Trip to the Auto Dealership
 Aggies go Ice Fishing
 Are YOU a problem thinker?
 Mummies Don't Take Vacations
 Dumb Robber
 You know you drink too much coffee when...
 Don't Mess With the Wizard
 Cannibal Party
 Not Here!
 Ask Questions
 Age is a Funny thing
 Airline Food
 The Black Sheep
 Dying Confession
 Just fan yourself.
 Loving Your Pet
 Stranded in the Desert
 The Trip
 Little Boys Donation
 Need New Glasses
 One Wish
 Blind Sky Divers
 Coffee Machine Instructions
 Some Folks Should Not Be Allowed On The Road
 How did Helen Keller's mother punish her when she was bad?
 Tell a Dog Anything
 Cow With No Legs
 Picking a Bridal Gown
 Three Types of People
 Some Days, It Just Doesn't Pay to Gnaw Through the Straps...
 Quiz - Your Priorities
 Salad Dressing
 Serving Pie
 The Unemployment Line
 Yasser Arafat and Ringo Starr
 Northern and Southern Zoos
 Wedding Night at the Watergate Hotel
 How Kids Interpret Words
 Do As I Please?
 Hire Smart Assassins
 How Many Horoscope Signs to Change a Light Bulb
 Action-Adventure Music Stars?
 When Will They Meet?
 A Light Lunch
 How do you stop a Polish tank?
 Two Weevils
 A Little Mis-Understanding
 Piglet's Search
 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
 The Car Won't Start
 The Microsoft Restaurant
 Slave Ship
 Helpful Tips To Make Life Simpler
 Baby Sister
 How Old Are You?
 Learning to Keep Musical Time
 Best Man at a Wedding
 Southern Baptists Boycott the Flintstones
 Amish Occupation
 Vocal Puzzles
 Telling the Pope a Polish Joke
 Helicopter Crash
 A Scotsman Visits the Zoo
 Wanna Be Cowpoke
 Southern Phrases
 Farmer Loses 2025 Pigs!
 Faithful Cat
 How did Helen Keller's mother punish her for swearing?
 22 Fun Things to do at Girl Scout Camp
 A Dog Named Herpes
 Morning Coffee
 Frog Jokes
 When a Fish Swims into a Wall
 The Stork in the Zoo
 The Top 16 Ways to Annoy a Supermodel
 Noise Proves Nothing
 The Guinea Pigs
 When Mice Get Together
 Oreo Cookie
 Always Come Prepared
 Swimsuits - Then and Now
 Anthony's First Train Ride
 Anything You Say Will Be Held Against You
 My Dog is Named Stay
 The Caterpillar's Dilemma
 Viagra Hummingbird
 The Mystery Tickets
 Fraud Charges for a Transvestite?
 Gibson Goes for Supplies
 The Hiker
 Top 10 Things NOT To Tell the IRS
 You Know You Work In the '90s When....
 2 Crows
 30 Days or 30 Dollars
 Blind Shopper
 How do you get rid of a boomerang?
 Photographic Memory
 Two Cannibals
 Buying Dumbells
 First Words
 Underwear Change
 Dog Plants
 The Fart - The Sharpest Thing in the World
 Moving Supplies
 Top Ten Other Things To Say When Stepping On The Moon
 Animal Sounds
 Your Car Might Be Gay
 The Delaware Quarter
 If You're Going to Lose . . .
 Dorm Prank
 When a Cannibal is Late for Dinner
 Sea Sickness
 Endless Babysitting
 Lost Cookies
 Siamese Twin Drivers
 Card Game Know-It-All
 Shoplifter Warning
 When Viagra is not a blessing
 Explaining Death to a Child
 The Pace of Life
 Dead Remote
 The Execution
 Times Never Change
 You're Not in Texas Anymore...
 How to make fat look good
 Snail Gas
 The Flintstone Joke
 Crazy Priorities
 Investigating the Nudist Colony
 The Dangers of Thinking
 A Sure Bet at the Races
 A Learning Experience
 Gorilla Sundae
 Show Me a Man . . .
 Murphy's Laws of Combat
 Rap Hit
 62 Cups of Tea
 World Without Hypotheticals?
 Non-Stop Flight
 Jewish Santa Claus
 Ring the Bell
 Dog's Missing Tail
 Career at the Grocery Store
 Language Problems
 What do you call geese in Portugal?
 Calling All Cars!
 Making Glue and Cake
 Three Drunk Irishmen
 Driving with Penguins
 The Mice and the Cage
 What's Green Then Red?
 Snow White
 Working by Candlelight
 Which Mann?
 Camel Questions
 Exquisite Tableware
 Great White Hunter
 Changing Underwear
 Leopard Seeing Spots
 Finder's Fee
 In American, Out American
 Pantyhose Capacity
 Use Seldom in a Sentence
 Mary Had a little Lamb
 Half a Cake
 Where is the Self-Help Section?
 Waiting for the Elevator
 The French Border
 How To Lie To The Bathroom Scale
 Why do crows always move out of the way when you're driving down the street?
 Bad Drivers License Photo
 The Right Way to Spell Potato
 What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?
 Baskin Robbins
 Wishes Gone Bad
 Feeding the Monkeys
 Jack and Jill
 Five Eyes
 Jail Food
 Ten Puns
 Rodney Dangerfield
 Ethiopian furcoat
 Cybernetic Implants
 He Who Laughs Last
 Tough Drill Sargeant
 Photo Retouching
 Ping Pong Death
 Blonde's Snoring Problem
 What Ice Cream Do You Have?
 gay programmer
 Combining Flipper and Jaws
 Smoke Signals
 Dyslexic Cop Arrested
 Airline Humor
 How Do You Count Cows?
 Poker Playing Dog
 Unique Check Endorsement
 Where's Your Crapper?
 The Generic Ethnic Joke
 Cross-Eyed Dog
 Belfast Air
 Creative Dog Breeding
 The Oceans
 Attention Children - The Bathroom Door is Closed!
 Hot Dog
 Are You a Problem Thinker?
 What do eskimos use to stick their houses together with?
 Winnie the Poop
 The Top 14 Signs Your Car Needs Cleaning
 Why Wooden Spoons are the Best for Cooking
 Plane over Wyoming
 A Visit To Texas
 From the Diary of a Cannibal
 Guy In a Hospital
 Ancient Stones
 Cross Between . . . .
 Hoss and the Warden
 Sir Lancelot
 Over-Educated Nursery Rhymes
 On the Train
 The litttle Bird
 Empty Convenience Store
 The Simpson Family Dream
 In My Day . . .
 Washing Hair
 Why do only the good die young?
 Naming Canada
 Two X or Three?
 Fighter Aircraft Ownership Survey
 Jelly Bean and Smartie
 Professor Defined
 Quicksand Box
 joke not named
 Zebra and the Penguin
 Where Do Cannibals Buy Furniture?
 Snail Riding on a Turtle
 Astronauts Version of Athlete's Foot
 Heaven vs. Hell
 Karate Poodle
 When Ships Collide
 Music for the Generations
 How Do Skunks Communicate?
 Losing a Glove
 hilery clinton is wanting
 Indian Curry v. Spice Girls
 Old Ladies with Tattoos
 The Top 9 Signs Your Roommate Is A Cannibal
 What's the Difference?
 Do You Remember?
 Handicapped Laws?
 A New Philosophy
 Friday Night Poker
 Raffle Prizes
 Life from a Dog's Perspective
 Who's bigger?
 Top 15 Complaints of Modern Day Vampires
 Weather Forecast
 Pizza Slices
 Your Momma is So Poor - Shower
 Calling Grandma
 Raggedy Ann
 The Flu
 Captain Hook
 Japanese Diapers
 What do you call a snail on a ship?
 Laughing Cow
 A Phiolsophical Question
 One Finger Wave
 Girl Scout Cookies
 Pencil to the Pencil Sharpener
 Cannibal Dessert
 Elephant Stew
 Deaf Bear
 Favorite Cannibal Game
 Odd Word - Apartment
 What did the Swede say to his mother?
 Ebonics X-mas
 The Frog in the Restaurant
 Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road - Oppossum
 Building a BBQ
 3 stars 3 nations
 African Memoirs
 The Most Dangerous Letter
 Your Momma is so poor ... Fruit Loops
 Why Are Igloos Round?
 When Are You Going to Die?
 Why are they called apartments?
 Poles and Holes?
 The Vaccuum of Space
 Neutron Bar
 How Cows Entertain Themselves
 Cannibal's Favorite TV Show
 LA Bumperstickers
 Get a Bit of Rest
 Top 10 Reasons NOT to Date an Engineer
 The Barber
 Thoughts on Having Children
 Pirate Ear Piercing
 70s Rock Groups
 The 10 Commandments in Order
 100 Percent Polar Bear
 Restroom Prank
 The Invisible Man
 The Bus Ride
 Culinary Question
 Mommy Snake
 When Is Your Birthday?
 Dis-Gruntled Monkey
 Bertha Belch Speaks
 The Perfect Kitchen
 Mary had a Swarm of Bees
 The Bean Factory
 Your Momma
 Green Haired Girl
 the side of bus
 superman&the three blacks
 Is That Because Mama?
 What Do You Call a Wingless Fly?
 Birthday Cake
 Gay Bar

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