Pickup Jokes

 Pick-Up Lines - Die Happy
 Pick-Up Line - Same Reason
 Pick-Up Line - Space Pants
 Pick-Up Line - Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before?
 Pick-Up Line - Gift
 Pick-Up Line - Boogers
 Pick-Up Line - Milk
 Clinton's Presidential Oath
 Pick-Up Line - Nice Body
 Pick-Up Line - What's Your Sign?
 Pick-Up Line - Do You Have Any Italian In You?
 Pick-Up Line - Go to the End of the Earth For You
 Pick-Up Line - Can I Have Your Telephone Number?
 Pick-Up Line - What Do You Do For A Living?
 Pick-Up Line - Love At First Sight?
 Pick-Up Line - Your Place Or Mine?
 Pick-Up Line - Want To Go Back To My Place?
 Third Husband
 Pick-Up Line - Is This Seat Empty?
 Pick-Up Line - Satisfy Your Fantasy
 Pick-Up Line - I'd Go Through Anything For You
 Pick-Up Line - Redo Alphabet
 Pick-Up Line - "Are You Hurt?"
 Pick-Up LIne - "Are Your Parents Thieves?"
 Pick-Up Line - Milk Does a Body Good
 Pick-Up Line - Are You From Tennessee?
 Newfie Discovers Himself
 Pick-Up Line - Polar Bear
 Pick-Up Line - "Do You Have a Quarter?"
 Pick-Up Line - Your Body is Like a Temple
 Milk Does A Body Good
 Pick-Up Line - Are You an Angel?
 Pick-Up Line - You Must Be Tired
 Pick-Up Line - Your Name Must Be VISA
 Pick-Up Line - Devil
 Pick-Up Line - Overdue Book
 Pick-Up Line - Want a Little Company?
 Pick-Up Line - I Know How to Please a Woman
 Fly Pick Up Lines
 Pick-Up Line - God is Crying
 Pick-Up Line - Retarded?
 Pick-Up Line - Lost My Phone Number
 Pick-Up Line - Did It Hurt?
 Pick-Up Line - I Know You Want Me
 Pick-Up Line - You Must Be In Pain
 Are you Jamaican?
 Pick-Up Line - Pancakes
 Pick-Up Line - Airplane
 Pick-Up Lines - Astronaut

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