Politics Jokes

 Divert Your Course
 The Clinton Tragedy
 Presidential Coincidence?
 Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road - Reviewed
 A Russian Visits Denny's Restaurant
 Inmates Running the Asylum?
 Who Said That?
 Clinton's Clock
 How to Choose a Political Party
 Writing in the Snow
 Terms for Penis
 California Drivers License Test
 Making Somebody Happy
 Government Employee
 The Miranda Rights As Cops Would Really Like To Read Them
 Hillbillies In The White House
 Janet Reno's Advice to Hillary
 Two Cows
 The Bread Danger
 Protected Classes
 Clinton Collections
 The Wailing Wall
 Bill Clinton's version of the Oscar Mayer Wiener Song
 Hillary's High School Love
 New Campbells Soup
 50 Politicians and 50 Lesbians
 Dead Politicians
 Hillary's Place
 Pamela Anderson v. Hillary Clinton
 Ups & Downs
 Hillary Clinton - Pregnant?
 Avoiding the Draft
 Ken Starr DNA Test
 Competitive Politics
 Johnnie Cochrane Closing Arguments for US v. Clinton
 Ads During the Lewinsky Interview
 Hitler and the Pig
 The Clinton and Titanic Videos
 Hillary Needs a Glass of Water
 Monica's Dress
 I trust Bill...
 Clinton on plane
 Lewinsky and Kaczynski Limericks
 Dear Mr. Hinckley
 Saddam Hussein and Bill Clinton
 Monica's Fluid Capacity
 Do You Have Any Polish Sausage?
 Politically Correct
 Top Ten Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogans
 Clinton Meets the Pope
 Iraqi TV Schedule
 Chelsey Clinton tries to get married
 Dinner with Clinton and Gore
 When Clinton Will Die
 Our President
 Elizabeth and Di on a Drive
 New National Anthem
 Clinton's New Secretary
 The Interrogation - Dr. Seuss Style
 Elian Gonzales
 Dear Bill Clinton
 Blowing in Dan Quayle's Ear
 How Government Works
 The Presidents on the Titanic
 Why are Democrates Better in Bed?
 Aeroflot v. SCUD Missile
 Clinton's Briefs
 Deadly Curfew
 Clinton Gives up Saxaphone
 Presidential Libraries
 Rush Limbaugh
 Clinton's Indian Name
 Iraqi Bingo
 Term Limits?
 Clinton Sex Poll
 The Top 12 Questions Ken Starr Has for the President
 New Computer at the White House
 Monica Lewinsky Totals Her SUV
 Al Gore - Explained
 Cuban National Anthem
 Lying Politicians
 What Is In A Name?
 The Top 15 Dan Quayle Campaign Promises
 Military Computer
 Clinton-Dole underwear
 Picking a Candidate
 Training Iraqi Pilots
 Mother Clinton's Prayer
 Quaker Talk
 Top Ten Questions I Would Have Asked Monica Lewinsky
 Saddam Hussein and General Custer
 George W. Bush Meets Moses
 You Might Be a Republican . . .
 Confucious and Clinton
 Very Lost
 Midget Housing Subsidies
 Puffy Cheeks
 Clinton's Favorite Rock Band
 The Miranda Rights For New York City
 The Bill Clinton Memorial Belt Buckle
 Monica's Book Title
 Somewhere in America...
 Clinton Soup
 The Top 13 Signs You're Not at the Real Senate Impeachment Hearings
 Government Policy: Snake Attack
 Top 10 Signs the President is Angry
 What Politicians Want
 Bill Clinton's Funeral
 How Is the President?
 Clinton and Foreign Affairs
 United States Foreign Policy?
 Iraqi National Bird
 Enemies to the West
 The Crashing Plane
 Best Iraqi Job
 Lewinsky's golf lesson
 Saddam Hussein and Fred Flintstone
 Top Ten Things Monica Lewinsky Can Do To Mend Her Reputation
 Bill Clinton's Wish
 Bill Clinton Interview
 President's Bonus
 Lewinsky's Next Job
 Lying Congressmen
 A call to heaven.
 Bush in the White House
 Saddam Hussein in Fit After Prozac Runs Out
 Why did Osama bin Laden blow up a KFC?
 Saddam Offers Peace in Exchange for Lewinsky
 Lewinsky gawk
 Saddam Hussein Wins the Coin Toss
 Bill Clinton

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