Relationship Jokes

 Rules Guys Wish Women Knew
 Firming Up
 Viagra Strikes Again
 Redneck Divorce
 Kids View of Marriage and Relationships
 10 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter
 The Man Dictionary
 Doctor's Affair
 Back Seat Driver
 A Loving Wife . . . ?
 Pigs and Mules
 I Have Everything I Need
 The Real Father
 To The Bar
 Show the Lady the Finest Mink Coat You Have
 Who Wears the Pants?
 Gawain, Arthur and the Witch
 New Baby
 That's One...
 Who Should You Marry?
 The Perfect Match
 Little Girl's First Wedding
 Being a Good Son in Law
 Why I'm Not Married
 Wedding Vows
 You are a Statue
 Prepare to be a Widow
 Top 10 Things Men Know About Women
 The Mother-In-Law Tragedy
 Bad Dog
 You Never Used . . .
 The Perfect Wedding Night
 Continuing Education Courses for Women
 Personals - Explained
 Married to a Twin
 Swapping Partners
 Do You Know How to Have Sex?
 The Raffle Ticket
 Love, Lust and Marriage
 Small World
 A man goes to Frederick's of Hollywood...
 Adjusting to Marriage
 Going Fishing
 Through All the Bad Times
 His Needs / Her Needs
 Dividing Everything Equally
 "Ten Dollahs"
 Dearest, My Love, ...
 The Mistress
 Cat Food Diet
 Rancher's 50th Anniversary
 Why Did You Have To Die?
 The Difference Between Men and Women
 She Said . . . He Hears
 Man Explains Men to Women
 Relationship Observations
 The "Cheating Spouse" Trap
 The Funeral
 Sam Returns Home From War
 Would You Die for Chocolate Chip Cookies?
 Laying Down the Rules
 The Trip to Area 51
 Marriage is Hell
 1950's Home Economics
 Not This Time
 Why Marry Abroad?
 If You Love Something - Set It Free
 Training Courses Now Available for Men
 Courting with a Lantern
 Lessons in Efficiency
 The Hitman
 The Disappearing Man
 Wedding Vows
 Encyclopedia for Sale
 Relationship Contract
 Your Husband Lost Five Hundred Dollars at Poker
 Awkward Elevator Ride
 The Truth Will Set You Free
 What'd ya Say?
 The Mariner's Wife
 Fighting with the Misses
 Marriage - Defined
 Shopping with the Remote Control
 Cannibal Hunting Party
 Reverse Psycology
 Marital Tombstones
 Trouble with the Ladies
 Ice Cube with a Hole In It
 Another Late Night . . .
 Two Children or Three?
 Half-Price Airfair for Wives
 24 Hours to Live
 Undressing Preferences
 Expensive Date
 Three Eggs
 Communication Problem
 Mirror, Mirror ... On the Wall ...
 How to Live to Be 100
 Role in the School Play
 How To Keep Your Husband Out of Your E-mail
 Why Is Divorce So Expensive?
 Dressing Up to Go Out
 Before It Starts
 Guys in Heaven
 Dating Hell
 Different Perspective
 A Single Woman's Prayer
 Men are Like Fine Wine
 Fiance Meets Family
 Mother of Six
 Egg Honeymoon
 You Need More Tail
 Last Request
 How to Get to Your 60th Wedding Anniversary
 Big Ass Grill
 Obstetrician's Wife
 Today's Bachelor
 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
 New Daddy
 Anniversary Gift
 Glass Eye
 Married v. Going to a Restaurant
 Wife's Call After Hours
 How Many Men to Empty a Dishwasher?
 Life is Good
 Husband Defined
 The Last Word
 The Guardian Angel
 Trunk Full of Corn
 Mr. and Mrs.
 Cutting You Off
 You're Just Like My Wife
 Weather Check
 Who Does the Bride Always Wear White?
 Sacrifices at the Altar
 Remembering the Past
 Divorce Barbie
 Country Newlyweds
 Cheap Date
 Personal Ad
 Would You Like To Go Out Girl?
 A Woman's Revenge
 Mr. Right Rejection Letter
 Fast Learner
 Marriage Contract
 18 Kids in the Family
 The Ten Commandments of Relationships
 When a Man Steals Your Wife
 Lying Wife
 Married by the Judge
 Buying a Fur Coat
 I Want a Divorce
 Family is Family - Money is Money
 Boss of the House
 My Wife is Poisoning Me!
 He is So Suspicious
 Successful Man v. Successful Woman
 Married Men Live Longer
 100 Camels
 Divorce Defined
 Genetics Explained
 The Pros and Cons of Dating a Vampire
 Marriage Vows
 Marrital Spat
 Tips from the Efficiency Expert
 Husband, Wife, Girlfriend and Boyfriend
 Being Married to a Blind Man
 If You Love Somebody. . .
 The ABCs of divorce
 Boyfriend v. Husband
 Silent Break In
 New Daddy
 Stolen Credit Cards
 Inviting the Mother in Law
 The Miracle of Married Life
 Penalty for Bigamy
 Dear Ex-Valentine
 Why Are Wedding Dresses White?
 Your Mother Insulted Me
 To Be Ten Again
 How Many Women Can a Man Carry?
 50th Wedding Anniversary
 Climb the Walls
 Viagra? Not Worth It
 Where Did the Love Go?
 Covering It Up
 A Little Squeeze
 Curing Loyalty Problems
 The Top 15 Signs You've Hired The Wrong Marriage Counselor
 The Nightmare Isn't Over
 You'll Never Find Someone Like Me
 I Bought Something for the House
 Immunity to Men
 Dating Dilemna
 Big Tits
 Mercedes for $150.
 The Wive's Double Life
 Happiest Day of Your Life
 Memory School
 Role Reversals
 The Secret of a Happy Marriage
 My Turn
 Meeting the Prospective Father-In-Law
 Water in the Carburetor
 Dressed to Kill
 Breaking Off the Engagement
 Definition of a Good Marriage
 Dating in College
 Nice Guy v. Playboy
 Caveman History
 What Do You Call...
 Out to the Garage
 Changing Men and Women
 How Does a Man Keep His Youth?
 Unpleasant Engagement
 Why Does the Bride Always Wear White?
 Polygamy in Heaven
 Men . . . Forget Your Mistakes
 Married Man v. Unmarried Man
 Directionally Impaired
 How Men View Women
 Gift for His Wife
 I Want to Marry Your Daughter
 How To Greet Your Mother-In-Law
 Candy Conversation Hearts You Would Hate to Get
 Jury Duty
 Get Your Coat
 The Reason for the Wonder Bra
 Napoleon's Perspective on Love
 Pabst Beer
 Cards for the Ex
 When a Man Gives a Woman a Gift for No Reason

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