Religion Jokes

 Preacher's Ass (Donkey)
 Church Bulletin Bloopers
 Never Fall Asleep In Church
 Bible Verses
 Just a Quick E-mail Note
 Kids Interpret the Bible
 Grandma Buys a Bumper Sticker
 What Nationality was Jesus?
 Religious Debate
 The Painting Lesson
 The Rabbi's Confessional
 Priests on Vacation
 Noah's Ark
 Father and Son Interpret the Bible
 River of God
 Clearing the Church
 Afraid of the Dark
 The Flood
 Copies of Copies
 Pastor v. Choir Director
 Drilling a Hole for the Halo
 Loch Ness Monster and the Atheist
 Give Us This Day Our Daily Chicken?
 Relationship with God
 How To Get to the Post Office
 Conversation with God
 Did God Make You?
 Kids Explain the Bible
 One Good Deed
 Satans Visit
 The Helpful Priest
 Were You Gambling?
 He Was a Saint
 Scientists v. God
 Who Gets the Collection Money?
 Too Much of a Good Thing?
 Which Service
 The Pastor and the Bartender
 God Will Provide
 Catholic v. Jewish Golf Match
 What is the Stretchiest Substance in the World?
 God and Eve's Conversation
 An Unusual Confession
 Don't Mesmerize the Congregation
 Life After Death
 Dear Pastor
 The New Priest
 Where is Jesus?
 Sick in Church
 Whose Son is Better?
 A Minister Discusses Sex
 Have You Found Jesus?
 It's In The Bible
 Getting Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
 Child's Confession
 Meals in Heaven
 The Preacher's Last Request
 The River
 I Sent My Son to Israel...
 It Is Tough Being a Monk
 Soliciting Donations
 Be Quiet in Church
 The Hospital Bill
 Adam, Eve and Little Johnny
 God and Eve in the Garden
 The Amish Carriage
 The Cowboy's Private Sermon
 Room 8
 One Reason Not to Go To Synagogue
 Papal Rituals
 What is God's First Name?
 Priest's Collar
 A Nun's First Confession
 Nuns in Transylvania
 10 Things You Never Hear in Church
 Great Advice
 An Unusual Prayer
 Unusual Memorial
 Last Request
 Rosary and Two Martinis
 Hypocritcal Sermon
 Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
 13 Children
 Jesus at the Pearly Gates
 Student's Question to God
 God Said So
 Who Is Going to Stop Me?
 Is Gilligan the Devil?
 Prayer in Schools
 The Verge
 First Visit to Church
 Reasons for Devotion
 Gay Jew
 Did God Make Me?
 Why Do You Wear Your Collar That Way?
 Home Visit
 Virgin Death
 Is it a Sin?
 Entering the Night
 Benefits of the Revival
 Converting for $500
 The Innocence of Children
 God v. The Devil - Genesis Revised?
 Rabbi on Vacation
 Do You Want to Go to Heaven?
 Adam and Eve
 I am Nothing
 Dyslexic Devil Worshipper
 Pray for Me
 Before Lightning Strikes...
 A Priest and a Rabbi Buy a Car
 Thou Shalt Not...
 Sleep Walking Nun
 Before Lightning Strikes...
 Why God Created Animals
 Forgive Me . . . Holy Water
 Water to Wine
 Praying Lions
 Jewish Personals
 A Man's Life is Spent Wondering
 Ape Reading List
 Are You Really Jesus?
 Moving with Jesus
 Bumpy Air Travel
 Feeding Five Men
 God Visits Earth
 When is the Resurrection?
 Three Chairs for the Baptists
 And God Created ... Pets
 The Preacher and the Microphone
 Matzo Balls
 Religous Golf Game
 Freudian Slip
 You are Not a Monk
 The Second Flood
 23rd Channel
 Jewish Dilemma
 Church Billboards
 A Child Interprets the Bible
 Why Adam Came Before Eve
 The End is Near
 Protestants vs Catholics
 Bang Bang!
 A Bee at a Bar Mitzvah
 The Top 15 Christian Coalition-Approved Nicknames for Breasts
 New Twist on an Old Prayer
 Do You Believe?
 Church Every Sunday?
 Jesus's Short Hockey Career
 Lent v. Yom Kippur
 Walking on Water
 I Want to Be a Minister
 Deserted Island
 Lost His Buttons
 Winnie the Pooh and John the Baptist
 Sign - Clergy Parking Only
 Baptism Preparations
 Dyslexic Jew
 Last Supper
 Adam, Eve and Gifts
 Paying the Exorcist
 Pipe Organ
 Dakinis in Tibet
 Mixing Politics and Religion
 The Meek will No Longer Inherit the Earth
 Let There Be Light!
 Prayer Request Blooper

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