Religion Jokes

Scientists v. God

There was a group of scientists and they were all sitting
around discussing which one of them was going to go to God
and tell Him that they didn't need him anymore.

Finally, one of the scientists volunteered and went to go
tell God he was no longer needed.

The scientist says to God, "God, you know, a bunch of us
have been thinking and I've come to tell you that we really
don't need you anymore. I mean, we've been coming up with
great theories and ideas, we've cloned sheep, and we're on
the verge of cloning humans. So as you can see, we really
don't need you."

God nods understandingly and says. "I see. Well, no hard
feelings. But before you go let's have a contest. What d'ya

The scientist says, "Sure. What kind of contest?"

God: "A man-making contest."

The scientist: "Sure! No problem" The scientist bends down
and picks up a handful of dirt and says, "Okay, I'm ready!"

God replies, "No, no. You go get your own dirt."

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