Religion Jokes

Child's Confession

A couple was making love when all of a sudden there were
keys opening the door. The woman said, "Hide! It's my

The guy jumped into the closet only to hear a voice saying,
"It sure is dark in here."

The guy replied, "Who is that?"

The voice replied, "I am the son and I am going to tell!"

The guy said, "No! Please! I'll give you $20."

The kid replied, "No. I am going to tell!"

The guy begged, "Please! I only have $40 and you can have
it if you don't tell."

The kid took the money and once the husband went to the
store, the guy was able to escape.

The next day the kid went to his mom to ask for the bike he
had always wanted.

Mom replied, "Son, we don't have the money."

The kid quickly answered, "I have $40!"

Suprised, his mother asked where he got the money, but the
child would not answer.

Angry, the mother took the kid by the ear, marched him down
to the church and tossed him into the confession booth.

Upset, the kid shouted, "Hey! It's dark in here!"

The preacher in the confessional replied, "Oh don't start
that again!"

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