Religion Jokes

Converting for $500

Two old Jewish guys are walking down the street. They pass a
church. A sign on the church says "Convert with us, and we
pay you $500."

One of the guys says to his friend, "I could sure use the
money. I'll go for it."

His friend declines, and goes off.

The first guy sees the priest and asks about this offer.
"Yes," the priest says, "Take our conversion classes. At the
end of the classes, you convert, and we pay you $500."

The Jewish guy agrees, goes through the process, and gets
his $500.

Weeks later, he sees his old buddy. "How're you doing?" asks
his friend. "Did you convert?"

"Yes, yes," says the converted Jew.

"And? Did you get your five hundred dollars?"

The converted Jew stares at his old friend. "Money, money,
money," he sneers, "is that all you people think about?"

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