Religion Jokes

Religous Golf Game

A bunch of Cardinals got together with the Pope and decided
that they wanted to have a golf game against the other
religions. The only problem was that none of the cardinals
were very good golfers.

One Cardninal turned to the Pope and suggested, "We could
get Tiger Woods and ordane him as a Cardinal. He would ensure
our victory."

"That's a great idea", said the Pope.

A few weeks later, the cardinals returned from their golf
game and the Pope was anxiously awaiting the news of the

"So, how did it go?" asked the Pope.

One of the cardinals replied, "Well, it went alright. We
played pretty well, but we lost."

"How could you lose? We had Tiger Woods as our secret
weapon." gasped the Pope.

The cardinal shook his head and replied, "Tiger lost to
Rabbi Greg Norman!"

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