Religion Jokes

Freudian Slip

One day there was a priest sitting in a pew with a very
worried and nervous look, and a another priest saw him and
wondered what was wrong. The second priest thought he should
try to help, so he approached his distraught associate and
asked him what was wrong.

"Well" the first priest said, "have you ever heard of a
Freudian Slip?"

"No," said the other.

"Well" said the first, "it's when one slips and says
something one is thinking usually when it is the least
opportune time."

"Oh," said the third, "so, what happened."

"Well, today I performed a wedding and you know the part
when you say 'I now pronounce you man and wife'?" asked the

"Yes?" said the second.

"Well that is what I meant to say, and what I actually said
was, "I now sentence you to death."

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