Religion Jokes

Protestants vs Catholics

A Protestant died and was sent to hell. A few seconds after
arriving, the Devil appeared in a cloud of smoke and said,
"Hey Bill, Welcome to Hell! Here's the keys to your Porsche.
Let's go visit your beachhouse!"
Before the befuddled man could answer, the Devil whisked him
into the Porsche and off they went. Arriving at the
beachhouse, the man could only stare in awe at the
magnificent mansion before him. The Devil handed the keys to
the mansion and the sportscar to the man whose mouth was
hanging open in amazement and said, " Well, Bill, I'll check
up on you in two weeks. Enjoy!" And as suddenly as he had
appeared, the devil disappeared.
His incredulity fading somewhat, Bill went into the mansion
and found everything to be first class with running servants,
an indoor pool ... the whole nine yards. For two weeks, he
lived like a king.
After two weeks had elapsed, the Devil suddenly appeared and
asked the man, "Well, Bill, how is Hell treating you? Great
place, isn't it! By the way, I have another client to see so
I can't stay. Any problems? We aim to please down here in
Bill replied that he certainly was having a grand time and
that he'd not been prepared for such royal treatment. In
fact, he had been expecting Dante's Inferno or something
The Devil laughingly replied "No, Bill. Those are just old
wives tales. This is the way Hell really is! Great place,
isn't it?"
Bill then said that everything was fine except that at
night, he'd been hearing these terrible blood-curdling
screams emanating from the nearby island out in the ocean.
This was so disturbing that he'd had to take an occasional
sleeping pill. He then leaned over and whispered to the
Devil, "Tell me really. Is that what's in store for me?
After all, this IS Hell."
The Devil could not stop laughing at this and with tears
streaming down his eyes, he said "No, you've got it all
wrong. Those people on the island are the Catholics. They

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