Business Jokes

You Need a Gimmick

The hair-lipped toothbrush salesman comes in to his
manager's office to give a report on his first week at work.

"Well, how'd you do?" asks the manager.

"Well thir, I thold two toothbrutheth." replied the

"Two!" shouts the manager. "You're never going to make a
living that way."

"Well thir, I don't know what to do, people juth won't buy
my toothbrutheth."

The manager thinks and says, "Sounds to me like you need a

The salesman asks, "Whath's a geemick?"

The manager explains, "A gimmick is something you use to
entice, excite and motivate your customer about your product
or service. A jingle, a slogan, something to make your
customer feel a need for your product or service."

The salesman goes, "Hmm, I gueth I'll have to get me a
geemick." The salesman returns at the end of the next week to
give his report.

The manager asks, "Well son, how'd you do this week?"

The salesman beams, "Well thir, I thold 185,353

The manager leaps up, "My gosh, what did you do?"

The salesman grins and says, "I took your advith and got me
a geemick."

The manager excited now, says, "Well out with it son. What's
your gimmick? We need to pass this on to the rest of the
staff. We'll make millions!"

The salesman says, "Well thir, I found me a real bithy
thtreet corner and I thet up a table and a chair. On the
table I put out thum chipth and dip. People would come up to
the corner waiting to croth the thtreet and I would thay,
'Hey, while your waiting, how about thun chipth and dip?'
They would thay, 'Thure!' Then they would take a chip, get
'em thum dip and thtart to eat it. Then they would say, 'Hey
thith tath like thit!' I would say, 'It ith thit. Want to buy
a toothbruth?'

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