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Micro Manager 2000 Memo


Re: Rollout of The Micro Manger 2000 Information System

We are please to report that as of today the Micro Manager
2000 is now fully operational and we will be utilizing it as
our main Business Operations System.

You will remember we previously exposed MYASS (Millenium
Year Application Software System) to you and it has been
working perfectly. In order to compliment MYASS we have
plugged Micro Manager 2000 into MYASS. The Micro Manager 2000
software at first was not compatible, MYASS aggressively
rejected it. But after several attempts of forcing Micro
Manager 2000 into MYASS, it seems MYASS realized it had no
choice but to accept it.

We will be scheduling you for training on how to fully
utilize Micro Manager 2000 as it runs out of MYASS. As you
learn to trust and follow the guidelines and rules dictated
by Micro Manager 2000 and the complexity there in, you will
develop a whole new fondness for MYASS.

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