Beer Jokes

It's gonna fall off!

This guy walks into a doctor's office, interrupting an
appointment. "Doc, you gotta help me! I'm turning orange
down there! It's gonna fall off! The doctor, who has no idea
what this could be, gives him a prescription, and says "if
this hasn't healed up in a week, come back and see me!" Sure
enough, a week later, the same guy shows up, very obviously
upset. "Doc, the pills you gave me didn't help! It's worse
now! You gotta help me, or it's gonna fall off!" The doctor,
still trying to maintain his professionalism, prescribes him
a stronger dose, and says "if this hasn't healed up in a
month, come back and see me!" Less than a month later, the
guy comes bursting into his office. "Doc, I'm really
serious. It's fluorescent now. IT'S GONNA FALL OFF!!!" The
doctor takes him into his conference room, and asks the man
to calm down. "Now, what do you think it is? Stress related,
job related, what?" The guy answers "well, it can't be...I
don't have a job!" The doctor says "you don't have a job,
then what the hell do you do all day?" The guy says "I watch
pornos and eat cheesies..."

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