Christmas Jokes

Winter Wonderland - Dysfunctional Family Version

Every week they drop another grand
(sung to the tune of Winter wonder land)

There it stands ... the casino;
Mom's inside ... playing keno
She's there night and day
She can't stay away
Every week ... she drops another grand

See my dad ... roll the dice there
With his luck ... cold as ice there
He doubles his bets
as well as his debts;
Every week ... he drops another grand.

Yesterday they repossessed
our Taurus
Dad's now cashing out his I-R-A
Things are even worse for cousin Horace
Beaten up by bookies he can't pay

Christmas Eve ... there's no tree here;
Folks are gone ...there's just me here
They're trying once more
to make a big score
You can bet that they'll drop another grand

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