Beer Jokes

Fascinate in a Sentence

During a political debate the politicians were asked to use
the word "fascinate" in a sentence.

The first one, a democrat, came up with an answer right
away. He said, "One of my hobbies is painting, and no matter
if I paint with water colors, or oils I always fascinate
people with my work."

The second politician, the republican, said "My grandfather
was a magician, and when ever he performed a trick be it with
cards, or hoops, or magic balls he would always fascinate

The third politician, an independent, said "I don't know if
I can do that."

The MC of the debate said, "Go ahead take a couple of
minutes then give it your best."

The third politician thought for a while then said, "I know
this gal, one time she went to the store to buy a new blouse.
The blouse had ten buttons on it, but when she went to
button it her boobs were so big that she could only fasten

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