Claude Adolphe Alexandre Moundi ( Singer - Petit Pays)

Name Moundi
Other Names Claude Adolphe Alexandre
Date of Birth1967-06-05
Place Douala

Detailed Biography


Triple threat singer, songwriter and choreographer, Claude Adolphe Alexandre Moundi, popularly known as 'Petit Pays', is internationally renowned for his talents and is one of the most awarded artists in the history of Cameroonian music.

Born in Douala, 1967, he sings in French, Douala and pidgin on zouk and makossa. He was nicknamed “the lawyer defender of women, " ” Rabba Rabbi “or” The King of Makossa love". He has more than four gold records and had several successes in Africa, especially in Cameroon, where he his concerts were always a sells out.

Petit Pays began his professional career in the late 1980s, when he teamed up with producer Eyabé Kwedi. He wrote hundreds of songs, some of which have become popular in Cameroon and in West Africa. He released several albums with his band called ‘’Les Sans Visas’’ (without visas). Made up of Samy Dicko , Xavier and Lagaf Njohreur he considered it an academy of young talent.

He has been a Cameroonian icon since the 1990’s and currently holds the record for most sales in Cameroon for his album ‘’Class F’’, which sold fifty thousand copies on its release day, never before seen in Cameroon.

Petit Pays remains one of the major figures of Cameroonian music and even African music of the last thirty years, despite numerous controversies. In 1992, his song ‘’E si Mala " (Ca ne va pas), which speaks of the suffering in Africa, made him known throughout sub-Saharan Africa and even the Caribbean.

On 20 May 2005, he was awarded Knight of the Order of Valor in Cameroon, and in 2000 he received the ‘’Golden ear’’ at Fenac. He has his hands full managing his own record label, Omega Productions, his orchestra and band, Les Sans Visas Small, his dancers, The Turbines of Petit Pays and Children of Petit Pays, a group of two singers of the Sans Visas.

In 2001, Petit Pays held three concerts in a row in three successive days at the ‘’Parc des Princes Bali’’, in Douala. The same year he kicked off his European tour and performed on stages in Paris, Brussels, London and Italy, to name but a few.

In 2002, he began the African leg of his tour for Omega Turbo : FESPAM Congo Brazzaville, he performed with his band " Sans Visas " at the notable FESPACO festival in Burkina Faso and sang to the President of Equatorial Guinea of new year’s eve 2003.

In 2007 he was made a Goodwill Ambassador of African Synergy and two years later became the president of Cayman Football Club. He managed to recover the club to the first division in his one season stint.

June 11, 2011, Petit Pays represented Cameroon at the “African Night” at the Stade de France 2, singing old favourites including “It’s Okay ",” Maria " and “Queer “,which advocates the right to love all. He was accompanied by his band, the “No Visa” and his famous group of dancers, the “Turbines“.

To date he has a staggering 32 albums and 3 maxi- singles to his name and currently resides in his palace in Douala, Makepe neighbourhood, which has a street bearing his name. Love him or loathe him, it is almost impossible to suppress the adrenaline rush and crowd ablaze body and mind to the auditory perception of his unique vocal inflections displayed in his dazzling style.