Paul Edouard Etoundi Onambele ( Songwriter/ artiste)

Name Etoundi Onambele
Other NamesPaul Edouard
Date of Birth1975-10-10
Place Cameroon

Detailed Biography

Krotal Cameroon

25-years in the game and still considered one of the top ten music producers in Cameroon to date, Krotal (real name Etoundi Onambele Paul Edouard) is a pioneer of the Cameroon hip hop movement.

The multi award winning singer, songwriter, sound engineer and rapper has produced songs for a huge number of artists in Cameroon since the beginning of the 21st century and has worked in groups Anonym (creation) and Magma Fusion (collective groups including his own).

Born October 2, 1975 his talent surfaced from a young age. He participated in the Rencontres Musicales de Yaoundé (REMY), in 1999, alongside other young, like-minded talent and was a guest artist of the Senegalese group Positive Black Soul tour in Cameroon at the time, and later in Dakar, Senegal.

Four years later, in November 2003, he released his double award winning album, “Green Red Yellow”. The 16 track ensemble won Album of the year and Best Direction and Musical Composition in the Cameroon Music Awards.

The urban music legend was part of an all-star collaboration for the 2010 world cup song, Everywhere You Go, featuring Kelly Rowland, 2face and many, many more. Two years ago he released his second album “Bo Our Life” and despite a divided opinion by many went on to become rather a success.

Not many hip hop artists last this long at the top but his musical empress just keeps on getting stronger. He is currently working on a third album so keep your eyes and ears peeled.