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Tue, 8 Dec 2015 Source: carmer.be

My Fellow Countrymen, Dear Cameroonians...

What is happening now in Cameroon is barbaric and needs your Attention.A Cameroon for all not just a few.One political Party has confiscated power for 33 years in Cameroon your Country our country, under the leadership of one citizen in the person of President Paul Biya with cumulative titles such as, Chef de l’Etat, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Head Magistracy, Président de la République

etc. This charismatic and highly patriotic good intentioned individual had all real ambitions to see this prestigious mother land achieve extremes of prestigious standards and prosperous heights.

Unfortunately in the light of diseconomy of scale this single handed administrative mindedness, unitary party system CPDM – RDPC has paved the way for an autocracy with monarchy like administration where the king enjoys an inelastic exercise of unlimited powers via presidential decrees, parliamentary ordinances or by simple accumulation of qualified majority unilateral – authoritarian system of government of one and only CPDM/RDPC

Considering the above outlined guilt clause our responsibilities as fellow citizens who deliberately accept to be tolerating handpicked government delegates instead of city hall mayors who are elected representatives of the people. First of its kind and like appointment of senators via presidential decrees Rare of its kind.

The worst of it the unjustified or unexplained appointment of friends, family members and tribes mates to run issues of the state, thereby plunging the country into untold socio-economic and political plight and misappropriation, embezzlement, capital flight, mismanagement, gross social inequality on an endless list oppression, Abuse to human rights, unemployment, juvenile delinquency, mortality and infant mortality rate is amongst the highest in the continent. As it holds in a very popular African cultural tradition say. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.

Even International organization like Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCFD) and several on- and off-line media have placed Biya in the list of leaders with ill-gotten wealth.48% of Cameroonians leaves below poverty line.

It is in the backdrop of these unacceptable irregularities, abuses and disgust amongst others that the Cameroon Reformation Party feels the need to call for a collective effort of Cameroonians with sound minds to join them to clean these very odds in the country.

The Cameroon Reformation Party (C.R.P) a descent political party registered in Cameroon having its executive seats in Cameroon and Britain appealing to the Diaspora who contribute very highly for the alleviation of poverty off the people of Cameroon through systematic financial contribution and health care.

By the effort of our endeavours we achieve more than we can achieve alone “UK Labour Party”

Let us be realistic and let us all work for a better Cameroon

It is our Cameroon, our Cameroon today and tomorrow

God Bless Cameroon

With You and For You

Foligar Lang

Leader of the Cameroon Reformation Party

06 December 2015

Source: carmer.be