Ministry of Defence

Address: Burma Camp, Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 776111-5
Fax: (+233-21) 776111

The mission statement
MOD exists to proactively promote national defence interests through the effective formulation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes and thereby contribute to national development agenda.

Aims & Objectives
The aim of MOD can be derived from its mission statement, thus to promote the national defence interest through the maintenance of a well equipped discipline and motivated army.

To achieve the above aim, the MOD has set itself to achieve the following objections for the Short Term:

To review and implement the organizational structure/manual for the Ministry.
To improve co-ordination/internal information flow.
To ensure availability of appropriate human resource to enhance service delivery
To equip staff with relevant skills to enhance performance.
To motivate staff for higher out-put.
To improve information management in the MOD.
To enhance the existing monitoring and evaluation system.
To develop and operationalise proposals for relocation of the Ministry.
To improve the image of the MOD.
The main functions of MOD are as detailed out Below:

MOD is responsible for formulation of policies in relation to the operations of Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and Veterans Association of Ghana (VAG), Remuneration, provision of logistics and resources to enable GAF and VAG to function efficiently.
MOD is responsible for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the polices referred to above.
It works is close collaboration with the National Security Council and Armed Forces Council in the formulation of national defence policies and policies relating to peacekeeping.
The Ministry prepares and defends MOD estimates, it also Defends other interests of GAF and VAG before Cabinet and in the case of estimates the Parliament.
It provides political leadership, guidance and sound interpretation of government policies.