Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

Address: P.O Box M50, Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 664763/663668
Fax: (+233-21) 668071

The mission statement
The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development exists to promote the establishment and development of a vibrant and well resourced decentralized system of local government for the people of Ghana to ensure good governance and balanced rural based development.
This will be done by:

Formulating, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and co-ordinating reform policies and programmes to democratize governance and decentralize the machinery of government.
Reforming and energizing local governments to serve effectively as institutions for mobilizing and harnessing local resources for local national administration and development.
Facilitating the development of all human settlements through community and popular participation.
Facilitating the promotion of a clean and healthy environment.
Facilitating horticultural development.
Improving the demographic database for development planning and management.
Promoting orderly human settlement development.
The Ministry believes in efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

Focus on the above will be based on two divisions:

Local government - Strong Structures, Revenue Mobilization and Collection, and Sanitation.
Rural Development - Rural roads, Information and Communications Technology, Tourism and Agric Processing.
The following objectives will be pursued by the Ministry in the Medium term.

To formulate appropriate policies and programmes to accelerate the implementation of decentralization of the machinery of government. This is to avoid re-centralization of government machinery.
To improve upon the human resources and institutional capacities for all levels of the decentralized government machinery (District, town and Unit)
To improve the capacity of communities and local government institutions to mobilize, and manage resources for accelerated rural and urban development.
To promote community based registration, collation, analysis and publication of data on all births and deaths occurring in Ghana.
To promote human development and sustain the orderly and healthy growth of rural and urban settlements in Ghana.
To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of local government institutions for improved management performance.