Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Address: P. O Box M53, Accra
Phone: (233-21) 664951-3
Fax: (233-21) 680017

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established in Government Business, as the first Foreign Minister. The concepts of free, proud, confident Africa was to dominate the foreign policy of Ghana since 1957. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the sector body responsible for the conduct of Ghana's external relations as spelt out in Article 40,41,73 and 84 of the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution.

Mission Statement and Functions
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mandated to promote and protect the interest of Ghana and its citizens abroad and safeguard Ghana's Security and prosperity through the

Promotion of friendly and productive relations with all countries to enhance Ghana's image abroad.
Promoting economic cooperation between Ghana and other Countries through increased Ghana exports, foreign investments, expanding tourism expansion and seeking scientific, technology and cultural links.
Provision of economic, political and security information and advice to government.
Provision of prompt and reliable information to Ghanaian nationals abroad to encourage them to participate in Ghana's economic development.
Playing a positive and creative role as a member of the UN, NAM, the Commonwealth and of the international organization to which Ghana belongs.
Realization of the African Union and integration of member states of ECOWAS.
Upholding of the rule of law in the international affairs and seeking the establishment of just and equitable international order.
Assisting diplomatic missions international organizations and foreign non-state actors in the discharge of their duties in Ghana and others.

To advise Government on the formulation of policies on international development likely to affect the enhancement of Ghana's Security and to implement Ghana's foreign policy objectives;
To play and active role as a member of the UN, AU, ECOWAS, NAM, ACP, the Commonwealth and other international organizations of which Ghana is a member;
To promote healthy, political and economic relations with all countries
To provide efficient consular services within and outside Ghana
To upgrade the ministry's human and institutional capacity for the efficient executive of Ghana's foreign policy objectives and others.