Ministry of Justice and Attorney General's Department

Address: P.O Box M60 Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 665051/682102
Fax: (+233-21) 667609

Mission Statement
The Attorney General, exist to entrench at the core of the body politic and abiding respect for the Rule of Law and a constant observance of human Rights, to ensure equality of access to Justice and treatment before the Law for all citizens, to promote by law social justice to facilitate the operations of a fair, efficient and transparent legal system and to propagate a culture of due process and legality for these purposes. The Ministry acts as the defender of the constitutional order, the guarantor of the rights and liberties of the citizens, the protector of the state legal interest, the enforcer of the criminal laws, the developer of the human resources of the legal sector and the championing of the rule of law.


To formulate Policies, Monitor and Evaluate for the fair and efficient operation of the legal systems.
To revise, reform and replace laws for the realization of the policy objectives of Government with regards to National and Social growth.
Broaden the scope of legal aid services.
To Develop and provide the requisite legal and paralegal manpower.
To accelerate the disposal of criminal prosecution.
To improve crime prevention and public accountability in the utilization and management of the nation financial and resources.
To heighten public awareness of the nations law and statues and publish the official law reports.
The Ministry has reviewed and rectified defects in a number of previous government agreement that have been found to be defective. Among these agreements are the Ghana Government on one side and various institutions on the other side at various times. These institutions are Ghana Telecom, Gateway Services Ltd, GCNET and the agreement between the GFA and the Chiefs of Prampram.

It has settled and finalized payment of compensation, to be paid for injuries arising from duty, severance, retrenchment awards, ex-gratia awards and judgment debt for 31 persons.

The Ministry has dealt with a lot of constitutional codes, prominent among them are the Attorney General verses the NDC on three different occasions which all was ruled in favour of the government, as well as the Attorney General verses Tsatsu Tsikata on the constitutionality of the Fast Track court which the ruling went in fovour of the Attorney General establishing the constitutionality of the Fast Track Court system in Ghana.

The Attorney General office has been instrumental in the following committees of enquiry and other international projects, programs and resolution of cases among them are:

Enquiry into Ghana Water Company (Justice Adade Commission)
The Stadium Disaster Probe (Okudzeto Commission)
The Ongoing Yendi Skin Affair (Wuaku Commission)
Dispute between the Government of Ghana and European Union custom Departments.
Review of International Trade Agreement with various Countries.
The Renegotiation of the Valco agreement.