Ministry of Tourism & Modernization of The Capital City

Address: P.O Box 4386 Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 666701
Fax: (+233-21) 666182
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Mission Statement
The Ministry of Tourism & Modernization of Capital City exists to ensure the development and promotion of domestic and international tourism on sustainable basis in order to derive optimum socio-economic growth and positive environmental impact for the benefit of deprived communities in particular and the country at large. We do this through policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation.

Aims And Objectives:

To promote Ghana as a competitive and quality destination and support sub-regional effort at tourism development to increase tourist arrivals and receipts.
To plan, implement, monitor and evaluate community involvement in tourism development in order to spread the socio-economic benefits of tourism to the urban and rural poor.
To improve institutional and human resource capacity for quality service delivery.
To collaborate with relevant MDAs and the private sector for the provision of adequate tourism infrastructure and superstructure to increase tourism investment by promoting public and private sector participation.
To increase public understanding of tourism and encourage greater support and participation in the tourism sector, particularly to the urban and rural poor.
To establish an effective national tourism information system (NATIS) for information dissemination.
To promote domestic tourism in order to foster cultural interaction and national unity.
The Ministry's functions include the following:

To market tourism both in and outside Ghana.
To conduct research and studies on trends in the tourism industry.
To monitor and evaluate effectiveness of government policy as it relates to the tourism sector.
To promote Human Resource Development for quality service delivery.