Ministry of Works & Housing

Address: P.O Box M43 Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 665940
Fax: (+233-21) 667689

The Ministry of Works and Housing has as its main functions the formulation and co-ordination of policies and programmes for the systematic development of the country's infrastructure requirements in respect of Works, Housing, Water Supply and Sanitation and Hydrology. The Ministry co-ordinates and supervises, by way of monitoring and evaluation of the performance of both public and private agencies responding to and participating in the realisation of the policy objectives established for the sector.

The Ministry has four directorates:

Policy Planning Budgeting Monitoring and Evaluation (PPBME)
Human Resource Development Unit (HRDU)
Research Statistics Information Management (RSIM); and
Administration and Finance
Implementing Agencies
For its co-ordination and supervisory functions the institutions and organisations perform under the Ministry for the implementation of policies and programmes.

Department Of Hydrology
This department is Responsible for programming and co-ordination of coastal protection and major drainage works and the monitoring and evaluation of surface water bodies in respect of floods.

Public Works Department
The Public works Department, established some 122 years ago, has gone through a number of phases. This department is Responsible for programming and co-ordination of the rehabilitation, maintenance and reconstruction of public buildings and estates.

Rent Control
The rent control Division was established under the Rent Act of 1963 to be responsible for monitoring and establishment of guidelines relating to the regulations of landlords/tenants relationships to create enabling environment for socio-economic development of the state.

Department Of Rural Housing Responsible for promotion of policies for rural estates development and the co-ordination of rural housing delivery programmes with District Assemblies.

Public Servants Housing Loans Scheme Board
The board is Responsible for overseeing the administration of loans to public servants under the scheme. The main objective of the scheme is to promote housing development for public servants and ensure their settlement during their retirement.

Technical Services Centre
This centre operates as Project Management Unit and a resource centre under the Ministry of Works and Housing. This sector is Responsible for the administration of World Bank funded programmes for the improvement of Urban Development that is it offers technical assistance to other Government Ministries and Agencies in their dealings with the World Bank and other Donors in the area of urban development projects viz, roads, drainage, water supply, electricity, sanitation etc.

These agencies implement the various programme deriving from the policies of Government and collaborate with the private sector development in the areas of water, housing and other infrastructure and technical services.

Works Sector
The ministry's works sector provides technical support and consultancy services to public projects.

Water Sector
Another important sector, which the Ministry controls, is water. It is the policy of the Ministry that every community in Ghana will have access to potable water and adequate sewerage disposal system.