Ministry of Women & Children's Affairs

Address: P.O Box M186, Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 255411/688181
Fax: (+233-21) 688182

Mission Statement
The ministry of Women and children's Affairs was established in 2001 under the current administration with Hon. Mrs. Gladys Asmah as the political head.

The ministry exists to promote the welfare of women and children in Ghana. It is the entity designated by government to initiate, coordinate and Monitor gender responsive issues. It is to ensure equal status for women and promote rights for children.

Aims And Objectives:

The formulation of gender and child specific development policies, guidelines, advocacy tools strategies and plans for implementation by MBA, District Assemblies, Private Sector Agencies, NGOs, civil Society Groups, and other Development partners.
Prepare a National Development plans and programmes for women and children in which all the desired objectives and functions of the ministry are programmed for implementation.
Insuring that development programmes for women and children are effectively implemented, through continuous monitoring and evaluation of the implementation process, making sure stipulated objectives are fulfilled.