Ministry of Private Sector Development & PSI

Address: State House, Accra
Phone: (+233-21) 678360/678361/685013

To provide an overall “enabling environment” which allows private firms to operate efficiently and specific institutions and policies to promote private sector development.
To recognize the active involvement of several MDAs in private sector development, and to functionally perform an intersectoral role.
To achieve intersectoral coordination by creating a permanent Inter-ministerial Committee for Private Sector Development.
To structure the private sector into functional Institutional Reforms, Innovation and Entrepreurship, Public Private Partnerships and Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation for an efficient private sector.
To strengthen the private sector and to set achievable targets on annual basis and report on their performance in preceding year.
To promote a formalized impact assessment of new law, regulations, procedures and institutional changes to minimize the burden of compliance on the private sector.

The Ministry is also responsible for the various presidential initiatives on cassava, salt, textile etc.