10 fashion tricks that would help you look taller

Mon, 7 Sep 2015 Source: elcrema.com

Is it really possible to look taller with some fashion tricks? I know you must be wondering how is that even possible. The truth is with the right colour and style, one can look taller and thinner.

Check all the tricks below

Stretching exercises such as wall stretch, basic leg stretch, and touch toes would improve your posture and flexibility and make one look taller. Stretching regularly also makes your calves look less swollen and longer.

Wearing high heels would also help one to look taller, but you also need to pay attention to the shoe colour. Wearing heels that match your skin colour or hosiery will make your legs look longer.

Go for skinny belts and avoid wide belts in order to look taller. Wide belts cut your body into half and it should be avoided if you want to look taller.

Avoid three-quarter style trousers or cropped trousers if you want to look taller. Go for flared, high-waist trousers instead as they elongate your legs when paired with chic heels.

Avoid baggy clothes as they make you look wider and shorter. Go for fitter clothes as they show off your body and create long lines.

Opt for a dress or skirt with a slit as it helps you look taller. Showing your legs with an added heel effect would help you appear taller.

Avoid wearing different colours as they tend to make you appear shorter because they show where each body part begins and ends. Picking one colour helps create one long line of colour that would help you appear taller.

Avoid horizontal stripes, check or dot patterns as they make you appear shorter. Go for vertical or diagonal stripes instead as they lengthen your torso and make you appear taller.

Wearing a long necklace makes you appear taller as it gives you the illusion of having a long neck.

Alsowearing cardigan,jacket or blazer unbuttoned helps one appear taller.

Source: elcrema.com

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