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4 tips every classy man should consider before buying a wrist watch

These days, wrist watches for men aren’t just wrist watches; they exude class and are used to make a fashion statement.

Wrist watch to many is the only tangible accessory a man has, unlike women that have different kinds of accessories from their hair down to even their feet to match their attire.

It doesn’t just end at buying a quality wrist watch thus a man’s wrist watch shows his class and his taste too. Many people adjudge a quality of a wrist watch just because of its price tag.

Even though, a higher price is usually associated with a higher quality it doesn’t just end there; two typical ways to test whether the value of a watch matches its price tag are the functions it possesses and its durability.

There are certain important factors every classy man should consider before buying a wrist watch.


Most people wouldn’t want to spend your life savings on a wrist watch just to make a fashion statement; that would definitely be unwise. Before you buy a wrist watch, determine how much you’re willing and able to spend — this really is the first step.

There are generally three categories of watches as regards its pricing system: the consumer watch, which is generally below $100, the brand watches which go for $100 to $1000 and the luxury watches which are priced over $1000. Determine which budget suits you, and the good thing is you can also get quality watches within the consumer price tag.


After deciding the amount willing and able to spend on a wrist watch, its functions come next. There are many functions that make a watch: Chronograph, wind mechanism, water resistance, world time function, luminosity, tachymeter etc. Look for the functions that suit your personality and go for it.

Analog or Digital

A watch is either analog or digital, though some watches come with a combination of both. Choose the one that best fits your style and personality and rock it every time.

Leather Strap or Metal

This is also another tip to consider when shopping for a wrist watch. It depends on the interest of the individual.

Source: elcrema.com

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