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Boby Black offers the "Hope"

This pure Bikutsi prince has made a name among the youth with great Ntondobeu occasions and has maintained his genius nature with his own works.

Boby Black presented early this year, his third album entitled, ‘Hope’.

On the front cover of the album is a tree firmly fixed to the ground in the desert, devoid of all its leaves, but its branches proudly pointing to the sky. A strong image that can only translate ‘Hope’ while experiencing the harsh obstacles of life.

It's a little summary of this musical cover of 6 titles;

1. Hope

2. 48h

3. Testimony

4. I love you

5. Ngon nfong

6. My country) sufficiently filled with strong themes between love, hope, awareness and sharing.

Boby Black who has the ablity to work in admittedly lengthy ways but he is precise and good said, “I do not make music for fun because I have the time, although I hung around great people such as Ntondobeu”.

Yes, Ntondobeu strongly influenced the start of the Black Boby career, and it makes him good. His style, with traditional colors, philosophical, and spiritual, makes him an exceptional artiste.

As he puts it in his own words, “This album is the mature signature of Boby Black”.

Source: culturebene.com

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