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Bra mistakes and their corrections

it's amazing that 80% of women do not know how to choose the right bra, buying a bra and matching it correctly to outfits can become a very big problem, many times its nearly impossible to get the right fit.

Its no news that a bra that doesn’t fit correctly can become really uncomfortable, asides this you wearing the wrong bra gives makes you look awkward.These are tips every lady must look out for:

Bra Outline: Seeing the outline of your bra is a a no because its unattractive and embarrassing. This means your bra does not fit your cloth therefore try out a seamless non embroidered bra.

Bra Bulge: Bra bulge happens when the bra is too tight, this happens at the back or under arm, many times switching sizes would not work so try bands with a wider back and under arm, this would help prevent back boobs.

Bra as Outfit: A bra can also serve as an outfit, so don’t be afraid to go for those fancy, seductive and unforgettable types.

Check the Band:The band of your bra shouldn’t be too high, rather it should be snug around your rib cage but not too tight. Note that there is no use buying bras with bigger bands as the bands tend to stretch later.

Matching the right Bra: For backless attires or low-back clothing’s there are specific kinds of bra’s that are made for such clothing. You can use a strapless or a silicone adhesive bra if your attires wont match a full bra.

Cup Size: Always check the cup size to be sure your breast would not poke under or spill on top because if it does then that’s the wrong size of bra. Make sure your cup size is not too big or small.

Bra’s are an important accessory,therefore ladies must get the best and make sure they are comfortable and perfect to avoid future regrets.

These bra mistakes are not myths so try to avoid them at all cost to ensure your comfort.

Source: madivas.com

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