Music Tue, 23 Oct 2012

Cantemus Sings for Charity

The concert's funds aimed at sponsoring children's education in Ethiopia is organised by a Douala-based Hotel, as part of its social responsibility.

It was exactly 7:20 pm when the internally acclaimed choir, Cantemus was announced to mount the rostrum, during a charity classical musical concert in Douala. Holding on Thursday October 18, the public had responded present, as expected. And for about one hour 30 minutes, they were thrilled even beyond their expectations by the angelic voices of the Choir led by Niko Eweh. This was part of the social responsibilities of a Douala-based hotel, which accompanies the United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) in accomplishing its goal of education for all children of school going ages.

In a series of five parts, the Choir proceeded to vocal interpretations of songs by renowned artists like Amadeus Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi, Sebastian Bach and Francesco Sartori. Silent and attentive to the rhythmic and melodious songs, the music lovers were able to discover as well as rediscover a total of 16 classical tracks, punctuated by two instrumental intervals.

In response, the seated and observant spectators following the strict tradition of classical music could not nodding their heads and tapping their feet to the rhythm of the music. From Mozart's "Se Voul Ballare/ if you want to dance", "Bei Manner/ In manner", "Oh Tremble not", through "La Donna è Mobile/Woman is Mobile" by Giuseppe Verdi, to Sebastian Bach's "Ehre sei dir got/Glory to you God" the choir members demarked themselves through solo, dou, trio, quatour and group presentation. And when the famous "Con te partiro/With you, I will leave" by Francesco Sartori was tuned, it met with a corresponding miming of the song by all present. Showing that they knew what they were out for! As though the best was kept for the last, two bonus tracks were delivered, as a sign of appreciation for the turn out. However, when Handel's Messiah famous "Alleluia" was tuned to bid farewell to their visitors, it ironically caused some of the deserting spectators to quickly regain their seat, so as to enjoy the concert to its fullest. Although, they did not sing "Amen", this track nonetheless marked the end of the brief but worthwhile musical concert, leaving the ears of the public itchy for more.

Source: Cameroon Tribune

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