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For me , men are "street paintings" - PACO

The artist, designer, and especially plastic, Koloko Pascale, better known as the Paco is one of the few figures that we have had the privilege to experience during this 2014 edition of the Annual Show.

Just as he finished his clothes- painting (painting superb performance on holding a model), we hastened to collect his first words in order to learn more about him. Real attraction of this edition, the genius of the painting tells us his experience.

Good performance already that you served us there just a few minutes; can we have the name of such a benefit?

Well, when I was at work I thought I heard people say that it is a body painting. Gold has nothing to do with it because the person who served as my model was fully clothed. I was doing a live establishment on his vesture and within minutes I played something very beautiful with some precision. You noticed the patterns and colors; it's a bit special.

You do well to talk about accuracy because yours is near perfection. How do you work it out for a successful shot?

Let's say it blossoms as you make use of the brush. It is the result of several years of work. It is true that I also use adhesive tape according to the figures I have in mind, but I have especially a lot of experience in this field and it becomes like a game for me. Where were you trained?

That was several years ago, I told you; I am self-taught. It is true that I have also learned a lot alongside my sister when I settled in Paris.

What is her name?

Her name is Lydia.

What inspired you on this job?

You know, for me in the beginning the goal was to do a lot of sharing and research too. I like to share with others and I am a true lover of art. It is true that later there were the admiration of the audience and I said to myself: “Well, you can keep up the good work”.

We notice more red, white and blue in your work. Do these colors have a special importance to you?

In fact I work with many colors. There are orange, yellow and so on. So I work with many colors and this is what makes my creations breathtaking. For cons, I do not work a lot with green because I 'm struggling. But I 'm really making use of the colour black. I express myself through the black clothes you see me wear often. I am a chameleon, so to say (laughs).

How long exactly have you been into this form of art?

A good fifteen years. I work as a painter and visual artist. When I am in my element on creating outfits for the men, for me they are street painting (laughs)

And where are you based?

Well, I’d say I'm more consistent in Douala, Cameroon, specifically Bonapriso. Otherwise I 'm still in France even though I am planning my return. I had to leave Paris for the South of France. But I remained deeply in Cameroon. I’ve really never left completely if not physically. The emotions still remain, and the country vibrates me wherever I am.

Source: culturebene.com

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