Franko on collabos, his past relationship, polygamy and favourite food

Mon, 25 Jan 2016 Source: kinnakasblog.com

Cameroonian artiste, Franko, is the man of the moment in the African and international music scene after his hit song 'Coller la Petite' went viral.

The single is a brilliant club banger which is currently on 13.4 million views on utube and counting.

Everyone who listens to the uptempo track falls in love with the beat. Last year however, the most senior administrative official in the Mifi district of Western Cameroon, Mr Joseph Tangwa Fover banned the sale and broadcasting of the song saying it promotes public indecency.

This move by Mr Joseph unexpectedly contributed to the success of the song.

In an exclusive live interview with Exquinox Tv, yesterday, January 24, 2016, Franko revealed a side of him the world is unfamiliar with. Franko said he is not interested in dating a girl who is in love with his music, but however, would date one who loves him as a person.

He also talked about his past relationship that lasted for almost nine years and left him single before he became known internationally. He also added that his favourite person is his mother, favourite food Ndole and would settle for "polygamy".

Ladies, Franko's type of girl has to have small eyes and a very flat belly, God fearing and prefers dark skin girls according to what he told his interviewer today. He is also not interested in dating at the moment.

Franko acknowledged the work done by Stanley Enow to put Cameroon on the map and says he looks forward to collaborating with Maahlox, Jovi, Locko, Mr Leo and anyone who is interested in a collabo.

Watch "Coller La Petite" below.

Source: kinnakasblog.com

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