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"Kankwe Vol. 1 ", the futuristic EP-like Electro Hip-Hop Jovi

That's it! Since yesterday evening, cyber waves are invaded by the futuristic sounds of the last musical project of producer / rapper Jovi, "Kankwe Vol. 1 ", an EP-like Electro Hip Hip, or a treat for those who appreciate originality.

These days, you have exclusive listening on I Wanda Magazine, "Kamer Coke" ft. Black Daddy , this single that gave the LA of the new EP "Kankwe Vol. 1 "produced by Jovi LeMonstre.

They promised us new at New Bell Music , the label was born in Cameroon in 2013, and although the team continues to deliver on its promises. After "Afrikan Luv", the first EP greatly appreciated their feminine card Reniss, they came back to fill their ears with this new album.

On 5 shows, the short album titles in counter: "Fufu With Njap feat. André-Marie Talla " on a sample of a very little known to the general public Dinosaur Cameroonian music "Mboko" in a genre electro crunk, "Kamer Coke" for clubbing "BMAW" that will appeal to purists rap and finally the tube which some already know as "BASTARD ft. Reniss " whose password clip is already on music channels such as Trace TV or Bblack.

For the record, "Kankwe" is a word invented by Jovi and returns to origins, African roots before colonization. Can we wonder if the title of the project means that it originally said a new contemporary genre? When you know he is the first to rap in pidgin in Cameroon, why not? The stunning visual is directed by Bertrand Ndukong , brother and partner of Jovi ...

In any case, a great introduction to the album of the Cameroonian artist waited for in 2014, is ...whose fault is it for being too short ...

Source: JewandaMag

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