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My celebrity crash is my carrier - Stanley Enow

Q:How did you get into music?

A:I started music at an early age. That was during the epoch of the break dance trend with Missy Elliot, Usher Raymond, Ginuwine etc.

I started as a break dancer staging during academic social events then I fell in love with the microphone. My early influence was my childhood mentor ZAO NAS from Bafoussam, Cameroon.

Along side music I also did radio anchoring and tv hosting that gave me more insights in the domain of entertainment.

Q:What do you think has been the reason for your success?

A:God Almighty , Faith & Hard Work.

Q:What is the most embarrassing moment in your career so far?

A:I really can’t remember. I take all challenges as an opportunity to step up.

Q:Do you smoke?

A:No I don’t. It’s really not part of me

Q:What is your favourite Cameroonian city?


Q:So Stanley, who is your favourite young Cameroonian artiste?

A:There are so many good Cameroonian young artistes but my favourite is Locko. There is just something special about his voice. He did one of the best covers of my Planetary Hit Single & Classic, Hein. That earned him a featuring, Bounce, track # on my album #SoldierLikeMaPapa that just dropped on July/25/15. This track is a breath cutting track. You will be amazed discovering his hit track #Margo on YouTube.

Q:Do you like curvy or slim girls?

A:I am not driven by ephemeral qualities. I love the inner part of a lady instead of the curves or this and that.

Q:What is hight light of your career

A:My entire career so far has been hight light packed. All my works and moves have known phenomenal recognition. I really can’t tell what turn of my career marked a major hight light. I could say my historical nomination and eventually winning of MAMA MTV AWARDS 2014 BEST NEW ACT was a special moment for my country as it was the first time ever that a Cameroonian ever got nominated at the highly converted and prestigious MTV AWARDS. My winning made it double historic.

Q:Who is your celebrity crush?

A:I have a crush on my career.

Q:Your favourite Car?

A:Love so many smart cars but my favourite so far is the Royce Rolls Phantom.

Q:Who dresses better Anglophones of Francophone?

A:I really can’t tell. I do prefer talking about the youths of Cameroon without distinction of region. There is a new Cameroonian youth.

QHow do you give back to the community?

A:I do a lot in terms of social cooperate responsibility through my foundation, Stanley Enow Foundation . I do free performances and motivational speaking at orphanages etc

Q;Do you have other hobbies or talents you like to share with us, when your:not doing music?

A:Besides music I love sports

Q:Have you had the experience of girls scrambling over you, since you started making music?

A:I think all super stars do experience that time and again. That to me is not an achievement.

Q:Do you have any platform like on social media where your fans can follow and interact with you.

A:My fans and I stay connected via my Twitter & Instagram handles: @StanleyEnow and my Facebook Page: Stanley Enow Official.

Q:Does Stanley have a slogan he likes to associated with. Sure there is. on est high pere that expresses my fighting state of mind.

Source: kamer360.com

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